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At 2:49pm on November 16, 2015, Kathy Manning said…

Thank you Kitty.  11/19/2015 will be hard. Brittney was only 20 years old when she passed suddenly. My only child. Thank you again. Kathy Manning

At 11:29pm on November 13, 2015, Barbara Rieger said…

Kittie I just finished reading your post on the community board. It's better to post on your wall so that people don't receive an alert about something that isn't directly for them. Personally, I feel that it's normal to experience what you described as your recent feelings with regards to your grieving for you Very Masculine and Handsome Son! We are all unique as are our fingerprints, our taste in foods and many other things. We all have different experiences and prefer doing things that other people here would never think of doing. Yes, we are all different and it's not unusual to feel what you feel regardless of the time now. Mourning comes in waves. It can be compared to being in the ocean and no one knows when a wave is going to hit or how high it's going to be. Unfortunately, it's all normal. Ride the waves as best you can and swim to shore. We try to be life-guards yet even with our time spent in and out of the waves it's difficult to bring someone up to where they want to be. We can extend a hand and you are welcome to hang on. Just hang on and the waves will vary. Keep your head up and keep on keeping on. You will become stronger and get to a safe place as you did before. May God Bless You during this storm. You will come out of it. Barbara

At 12:20pm on February 9, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Kittie, I live in the Bay Area and on the news this morning it was reported that a raging fire was going on in Paradise, CA.   Are you in danger?  Hope not.  Stay Safe


At 9:10pm on June 6, 2014, Barbara Rieger said…

Kittie, I too read the posts from everyone. Although I don't post often as I did before. It's now 4 years and 2 months for me with my son no longer here. Your letter was beautiful as you touched on people who needed to be stroked. When I read what you wrote about your son having a unique place in your heart I thought how very true. I believe all of us mothers on this site feel the same way but didn't write it out. Unique is what our sons were, special, handsome and the best. If I were speaking with you there is more I'd discuss with you. At this time I don't feel much like typing as I'm rather tired tonight. Take good care of yourself because you are important to me and everyone here.

With Love,


At 10:50pm on September 17, 2013, JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 said…

Kittie Wickman, I think we can all say or most of us, we have been there. I am still mad after 5 yrs, but I am not sure at who or what!!!!! I think it's the what if's that get me. We just cant go back and have do overs!!! They say once you ring the bell, you cant unring it!!!

I watch the news or read it and every day I see a new child lose his/her life and know what that family is going to go thru. It never ends, but gets a little easier somehow. I cant say how. I have found books help, and keeping busy, but it took me a long time to keep busy. I don't work and keep to myself at home with my hubby. He retired this year so its a little easier cause when I was home alone, I hated it.

One step at a time and there are a lot of steps and we all progress if you can call it that in different ways.

Keep venting, it does help.

hugs hun

At 4:06pm on August 18, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Kittie, I just cannot be melodramatic like some and say I'm scared of the 3rd Sept., Bernie's anniversary, just sad and very lonely!  Thank God I have his dogs to talk with. Wish they could reply, especially Lady!  She would have a few tales to tell!  I wish I had it in me to take them for more walks!

Forgot to remind people that they can click on my pics TWICE, to make them really large!  Cut the big back lawn by myself yesterday, and had the most rewarding pain in my lower left hip!  Could hardly walk!

At 10:30pm on April 8, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Kittie, hope your knees are dirty and your heart happy from the garden.

I said CJ every time I said Bernie all day. 

Hope they've had a heavenly beer or two together by this.

At 6:19pm on April 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Kittie, It has already reached page 5 (numbers in boxes at bottom of page), or 6, or 7, if you don't do this soon!

Hey I could do it here, I think:

Didn't know I was getting 'the finger' 'til I saw the pic after!  Joker!

Lady at his feet, Lucky to the right; rum and Pepsi's handy. He worked so hard on those old bushes; there was a HUGE pile further to the right.

My Berns!

At 4:49pm on January 7, 2013, victoria, Justin's Mom said…
Kittie, I liked your January 1st post. I feel I still have a strong relationship with my son, Justin. It has been three and a half years now and it still takes my breath away as I struggle to wrap my head around how something so horrible could have happened to such a sweet, kind young man. Bless our wonderful sons.
At 9:14pm on December 24, 2012, Michelle Johnson said…

Me too! thinking of the whole bunch! blessings


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