I just lost my husband from a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. If anyone lost a loved one due to this serious condition, I would to like to hear your story.


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My ex-husband Robert died suddenly in his sleep on April 19, 2011 about midnight. We have had a hideous few weeks sice the death and life will never be the same for me or my children and grand children. They have had to grow up awfully quick. We divorced but were always on good terms, still loved and cared for each other and our lives were centered around parenting the children.
It was all so sudden and painful. When my daughter and I got no answer on April 20, we went over to his house, his trucks were there in the garage , but no answer after banging on all the first story windows. I called 911 for a police escort – they sent fire. I told Kerrie to stay in the truck, and I went in with firemen. He was lying on the bed, peaceful, with his cat at his side. My sister came and took Kerrie to my house.
I stayed and helped and police and King County Coroner with their investigation. It was hideous watching him leave the house in a body bag – it almost fainted. Thank God for the neighbors that stayed with me the whole time and even drove me home. They had to do an autopsy since he was not under Dr. care.
He died from a aortic aneurysm descending thoracic dissection and rupture. He also had heart disease and did not know it. In our last phone call where he said he had the flu – we had no warning. This was the exact same problem that John Ritter of Three’s Company died of in 2003.
I am sick and I wish I should have seen this coming. I spent the last month reliving what I should have doing in the weeks before, also consoling my grieving kids at all hours of the day and night. The planning of the funeral and burial ... it was hard, but not as hard as living. Some days I just can't cope with all this grief and change. Please tell me how life can go on after such a tragedy.

Hi, I lost my father two weeks ago due to a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. He went down the road to pick up some wine around midday and never returned. It must have been nine hours until we heard from the police. Of course, during this time we were constantly calling his phone hoping that he would pick up. He used to do this a lot so we just figured he would be back sometime soon - maybe he just decided to have one or two pints at the pub. Then the police called and told us the bad news ... they found the car at the local park and; he was dead. Apparently when they found him the car was still running. He was stationery in the car park. I had the unfortunate time of having to identify his body - slumped over the steering wheel. It's only been two weeks, but the nightmare keeps replaying over and over in my mind. We saw his body the next day at the coroners and they told us he died from a ruptured AAA. I still can't believe it.



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