I dreamed of my lover again couple night ago. This time, i remebered it because it wasn't all that pleasant to see.

He was facing away from me sitting on a chair ( with a back), he was naked upper body as i could see. He leaned forward and i could see his back was all bruised, looked quite painful. He was checking his blood sugar taking his insulin shot on his leg...

I want to believe he is R.I.P, but i know he isn't. It just bothers me so much thinking of it.

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I feel for you. Our storys have so much in common. I haven't dreamt of him in a while but when I did and woke as if he was letting me know each time he was right there next to me.

I try not to hurt so much because I truly feel that when I hurt he is hurting and he will not RIP. I have my moments like all of us here in the site some days worst then others. I want so much to believe that someday we will be together again. I live on because that is what I know I need to do .

Your love will RIP because he is at a better place now. All of us left behind on this site are left with so much pain and sorrow that I truly believe that if our loved ones knew how much pain they wouldn't have taken this action. You need to be strong for you the same way I need to and its so very hard to say but move on. Have all the beautiful memories and everytime we start feeling pain think of them.

Yes, cry when we feel the urge, but also remember that we were lucky enough to have them come into our lives!! At times I have thought why did we have to meet now I hurt sooo bad. But I wouldn't have wanted any other way, I'm sure you feel the same.

You have a wonderful weekend and be happy for you, your family , friends and yes for him to know that you will be okay so he will RIP.

Dreams are so hard to interpret, this one could mean so many different things. Im sorry it took on a hurtful tone but when I read this my first thought was it sounds like he is taking care of himself. Just a thought, he may be battered and bruised but he is taking care of himself now. Hope your next dream is an easier one for you.Like Trish said he is in a better place now..
Just be gentle with yourself ok.
Thank you Trish and Sue.

I have talked to one of my long time friend. I , myself is not a christian, but my friend is. My friend said God loves everyone it doesn't matter how we die, we go see God and be with him when we leave the earth.

Have a peacful holiday!


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