"Come to me in dreams, my love..."

Have you had any meaningful dreams since the passing of a loved one?

Share your story.

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My grandparents had been fairly active in their community in their later years, so when my grandma died, my family got numerous phone calls from her friends who wanted to share memories and offer condolences. Interestingly, several of them said that they had recently had a dream in which my grandma came to them in the form of a dove, sometimes even before they had heard that she had died. Nobody in my family had any such dreams, but it was interesting and somehow comforting to learn that so many people had been having similar dreams about my grandma.
My daughter passed away Feb 9 of last year and I can't express how badly she is missed. She has three kids and a husband whom are her world. I have had a few dreams of my daughter since that horrible day but only one really stands out. In this dream it was only me, her and my son. She was in the casket but she did not look comfortable so I would take her out and set her in a chair and fix her things then put her back. Twice I seen her wink at me in the corner of my eye as I was arranging her bedding. My son was talking away to her the whole time. I am not sure what this means but to me she was trying to let me know that she sees whats going on. I don't know maybe I am just crazy. By the way this is a picture of her. Isn't she beautiful!!??
Well in 2004 When my brother died in Miami ....It was a heart break....Just got going....Everything he wanted he had..Million Dollar house In ground Pool...2 Badger hounds 1 pit know doubt...Big Gas Guzzling Trucks and cars ...V12's ...Young ....and he just went away..Just like that.......But ...Yes i had a dream.....that he'll be back soon.....We (My family) will all see him soon.......Hopefully.........
However when i do dream of my brother ....I'm always dreaming of the good times whenever i went down to see him....Everything was always VIP...From the Doorsteps of the Resturants to the Wine on the tables.....Unbelievable...In so so many words.....Its just everytime i hear of florida or miami.....The dreams keep coming of the good times we had......
It is great that you are always remembering the good times. I remember them also but somehow theres always sadness that tags along behind it.
I really thank you for that Patricia.....You are right....Maybe i'm suppressing what is really inside of me...I think sometimes, i don't won't to think of the worse...Most likly i'll get depressed.....So i just try to keep it moving....Keep thinking of the future.......Thinking of the good times......Although the bad times want to come out.....For the past 4 years...i like the fact that i look at the good ....Instead of the bad.....However What works for me ,,,,,,Might not work for others...Nevertheless i know in the near future...Maybe we might get a chance to see him again........
That is a really positive way to look at it. I to hope to see my daughter again one day and that is what keeps us going.
well its been 5 years, and the dreams dont stop. I tell you one day at work I was so emotional thinking about my brother (killed by gunshot) crying I was and couldn't stop. I kept getting tangled up in memories and smiling then crying. So I left for the day and my husband made me angry and I just remember fussing and yelling at him, then the thought reappeared a vision of my brother very clear... saying sis let it go (and I am Leo, don't give in) but I did and I saw a smile on his face and Smurked and said that is what this is about, My brother tellin me, Sis today is going to be ruff but let it go...Life is too short. I miss him so badly it hurts so bad feels like yesterday....I live everyday wondering when will it be my last so I can be reunited with him, I believe I am going to see him, I want to soon...
Hello eveyone, i have had a lot happed in 2007. i lost my newphew, father-in-law, father, my husbands uncle all between april to august. i listen my brothers, sister and mom talk about dreams or signs that my father is in a better pleace. i want to believe that he is in a better place and will see him again one day. i still am unsettled with the fact that i have had no dreams or have not felt that i have received a sign. i have an overwhelming feeling of needing that dream or sign. just wanting to be able to talk to him one more time in a dream??
Hi Melinda,
My name is Shantrell. The dream you've been waiting for will come in due time. Be patient. Trust me when it happen your dream will be magical. It will come when you least expect it.
Hi Melinda,well look like we both are looking for the same thing. April 9, will be three years for me with my son Kris. Melinda I says all the time if I could only just see him in my dream just one time. Because I didnot get a chance to say goodbye to Kris. My son was killed instantly. My daughter dreams all the time about him. But seems like every time someone dream of him they all would be so happy in their dreams saying I know you wasn't dead. Than wake up angry because it was only a dream.
Dreams can sometimes be a gift from God. In case you didn't know I lost my brother-in-law in an automobile accident in 06. Well one night after his death I could not sleep. I was soo tired, but for some reason I could not go to sleep. I tried to rock myself to sleep. That didn't work. Finally with my eyes burning becasue I was soo sleepy, I prayed and asked the Lord to please help to go to sleep. Out of nowhere a heavy sleep came over me. My eyes finally closed. My next experience was amazing. As I slept I felt someone standing over me. I felt the bed move, In a swaying motion. The next part maybe hard for you to believe. I tried to open my eyes to see if anybody was there. But they wouldn't open. It was scary, but comforting. Could it have been Kris (my brother-in-law). See before he passed away me and his brother got a divorce. Kris told me not matter what you will always be my sister-in-law, and I will always be there for you no matter what. He always kept his word. I believe he was there with me that night just as he said he would be. God sent his angel to rock me to sleep. That night I slept like a baby.


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