Grief support: Share your story and learn from others about coping with the loss of a co-worker.

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My Buddy Joe who i used to work with was seriously ill with terminal cancer. His wife, Kirsten, and a few friends were at his bedside talking. Kirsten looked over at her husband and noticed tears running down his cheeks. At first, she thought that Joe was in pain. Perhaps he was, but in this instance, he revealed to his wife that pain was not the cause of his tears.

“At this difficult time,for all of us..Nevertheless Joe was surrounded by close friends who had come to be with him. Also, he had his precious hope that he was now more confident of realizing than at any other time in his life, and he knew that no one could take it away from him. He confided that his tears were, in fact, tears of joy. Later that night, Joe died
So sometimes you're working with a co-worker one day and all of the sudden you hear he has died and all of a sudden you are so so surprised ...You're like .....Wait a minute ...I can't believe this ......I can't believe my co worker has died he was young and health..and had his whole life in front of him...and all of a sudden he's gone ....Just like that.....He's gone....
Today I read the obituary to Jack Roschman in the Dayton Daily News. I have read these diligently every since I was in my twenties because I have had many older former co-workers.
My Father, Russell E. Wolfe was the Dayton district manager for the Marathon Oil Co. during the employ of Jack as a salesman. He many times told the story of he and Jack's conversation when Jack was about to leave the company to embark on his first successful venture. Dad asked him what his goal was and Jack replied that he wanted to be a millionaire by the time he was 35. The rest is history.
Dad used Jack's story to inspire the salesmen who followed him. The story always impressed me and I too have used it to inspire my students as I have taught school for 42 years. The obituary also made me feel good about myself both because of the indirect tribute to my father and also the proof of my accuracy in telling the facts surrounding this segment of Jack's life.
Hey James, my Father always spoke highly of your father. I would love to talk to you if you have time. thanks, Jeff Roschman 954.646.3272 If you have trouble reaching me, please send me an email
I am disabled and I work with people with disabilities at the time. I worked with my co-worker at the time then all of a sudden he was gone. I was SO surprised and another co-worker was also. She cried right there and I cried at home.

I too have experienced the loss of a coworker.  Saw Barb on Friday and when she didn't show up for work on Monday, her brother was notified.  The police were evenutally sent to her home and she had passed away on the couch.  Was brutal for everyone in the office and completely unexpected.  This was several years ago and back then they didn't offer any type of grief counseling in the work place which probably would have helped many of us.

Loss of a co-worker,

 Today for some reason, Mr. Ralph came across my mine. He was a coworker of mine that died in a car accident. We believe he had some type of cardiac arrest. He was an older gentleman but very outgoing. He loved to listen to music and he was great at his nursing skills as a nurse. I know he is in God's memory (John 5:28,29)



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