There are hundreds of ways to memorialize somebody who has passed on. Have you attended a funeral or ceremony that was particularly memorable?

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How true is that! I never heard of hell at a funeral - at least I hope not! That's not a very comforting thought to leave the survivors. But how we can look forward to the time when there will be no sickness, no sorrow, no death - as Jehovah intended it to be.

NOVANT said:
Yes, the best funerals I have attended are the ones that assured me that my love one is just sleeping and and one day they will wake up in a paradise on earth no more pain no more tears no more outcries the former things will have pass away...(Rev 21:3,4 and John 5: 28, 29)
I think it's odd although some pastors preach about a burning hell...I never heard it at a funeral...And that person could be the badest person on the earth... God is love and he will not allow anyone to be tormented forever..I think that why you don't hear it at funerals

It is not really as of yet since I am not sure what to do as I as still am trying to figure out what is the best way to give each honor .  Yet it is also a selfish reason of sorts I am still trying to just be with out my Father  and Mother and Sister  .   In a world that seems so different to me . As I too do not even know who I am anymore .  So in these months If to just stop at this meditation wall to leave a note for each or all to say thank you or let them know how much they were apart of my life .    A simply thing right now , one that probably had not great meaning or really goes any where other then someone coming and collecting all the papers of those who placed a prayer or thought on the wall and takes them to some where .


Though just to write it down seems to give pause for that moment even more then a prayer or trying to talk to them as I have tried to . Not knowing if Angels hear us now once they pass on . 

But just in that moment of the thought the feeling the writing the placing on the on wall means anything this at least for this time is something is nothing at all. 


I wish I could do so much more but what ... how can you encompass what you feel and who they each are and were in life . To put it all in words in a portion of time . When their life was more then that.

Time sadly is not given to us own it seems to be one for us to care for . So I will seek a way to honor family that is not here now . But how . this still is not know .

 Maybe it is that Time that will offer that answer to me as others in how to do this as it is not always right there to know .  A funeral can be done or a service yet something in that is missing . Maybe it is your loved one .  

I hope the Angels know I love them and in time will find a way  if there is ,. As what has been done feels so empty and cold .   I wish for something more meaningful as their life was . Something that will live on in others .  Maybe they did this already in all the lives they touched , the light is to be carried on in what they do from this day on . 

If this is to be , then I hope to carry on this light of love as I try to walk on .


To all may the memories and light of you loved one be with all as this was the best and greatest gift they left for all.

Take care



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