Sometimes it takes someone else`s pain to ease your own.I have been grieving for almost 6 mos since John passed away. I truly thought I was doing well,except for the occasional breakdowns which i guess are normal.My faith in God has helped me throughout this ordeal and believe the only reason I am still here is because he has another plan for me.
But today, i attended the funeral for a baby who`s parents should have been celebrating her birth,not her death.As her grandfather(who is a pastor)spoke of the joy that they felt knowing she is with God, will never have to face heartache,illness and the pain we all felt today, I suddenly felt very small.The amazing strength of these people who were mourning a child who had never even taken a breath in this world, suddenly made me feel incredibly selfish. I had John for 23 years, years full of love and happiness and here were 2 people who would never have that with their first born daughter.I thank God for the time we had, even though I wish it were much longer,but now realize the beautiful gift of love and time we had.To step out of your own grief and feel someone else pain, is the true meaning of life.

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It's all about GRATITUDE!We must be gratefull for the love we had.So many people never felt that joy!Maybe that's why we miss it so much!That was a hard lesson,wasn't it?So painfull for them.I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child.I guess we are blessed!
Tracie, I am so sorry for the pain you must endure. I too, have a great grandson who may not make it to birth. Plus, if he makes it he wont live long. You must know that God has a very special angel for babies.That angel will be with them FOREVER. Also remember this saying I saw on a plaque as pertaining to your spouse. No matter how long you were with them. "Thank you God, for allowing us to have this time together". For some reason this sticks in my brain. Hugs to you. Hugs are good.
This is so true and great insight. Even though Tim and I went through the grief of loosing a child we had an extremely happy marriage and 47 years with one another. Grief is the price we pay for love.
Judy,May I steal that quote?That was so wonderful"Grief is the price we pay for love".It puts it in perspective.Thank You!


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