Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think that anyone has ever tried to contact you or send you signs from the other side?

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Funny = friends of ours just lost their son last week.  Was thinking of Talon and at that moment looked up and a ray of sunlight poked through the clouds.  Made my day!

My mom passed suddenly and without warning on 7/23/13. I went to my parents house for the funeral and to be with my siblings and father. While cutting some oranges for my children, I thought of how she did the same for me. My mind quickly changed to worrying about my dad and how he was going to get through this... Suddenly I heard the sound of amradio turning on. It was the sound of it tuning. It ended as suddenly. I turned around to see that I was alone, and there was not a radio near the location inheard the sound coming from. I was so freaked out I began crying and running to my father. I told him what happened and he didn't try to explain it. I honestly think she is now an energy within the house and that was her letting me know as much. I haven't experienced anything since i left.

I shared this before but I will again, when my son  Scott died he was thirty seven, he never married nor had any children.  Well anyway the first day of his service I was sitting on a couch and across the room I saw a very large purple circle and it had two purple balls inside it at the bottom. There was a lot of people in the room but all I could see was this big purple circle of light so big anybody could have seen it but only I did and it was there only for a few seconds. I was amazed and lost at the same time. I even forgot about it for a little while but it was a sign from the other side what else could it had been?  Oh I believe in God he's the only reason I haven't taken my life. I believe Gods wants you to wait for your turn and I am not screwing my chance up to be with my son forever.

After my husband passed away I saw him in a bubble smiling at me. It wasn't right away but a month maybe two later. I know he is watching me and loving me.

When my friend lost her child, I did everything I could to help her grieve. I did a LOT of research on finding a good psychic medium that could give her some messages and peace. After seeing a few different people, we found one that stood out and was able to connect to her daughter that passed and give messages that were very specific. It brought her SO much peace and made her feel better knowing that her daughter was still with her and ok. I highly recommend Andrew Anderson because he is an amazing psychic medium. He reminds me of Theresa Caputo. If anyone is looking for someone who can connect to the other side, give Andrew a call. His website is

I had a reading done last year. The person that did the reading knew nothing about me or my son that passed.  I am a very skeptical person but she said things that were just between my son and I. I was blown away! So yes I do believe in connecting to the afterlife.

Who did you go to? Please pass along her contact information. I'm always looking for good psychic mediums!

Julie Salnoske said:

I had a reading done last year. The person that did the reading knew nothing about me or my son that passed.  I am a very skeptical person but she said things that were just between my son and I. I was blown away! So yes I do believe in connecting to the afterlife.

here is her website. She does phone readings as well.

Wendy Rockman said:

Who did you go to? Please pass along her contact information. I'm always looking for good psychic mediums!

Julie Salnoske said:

I had a reading done last year. The person that did the reading knew nothing about me or my son that passed.  I am a very skeptical person but she said things that were just between my son and I. I was blown away! So yes I do believe in connecting to the afterlife.

There is a woman named Ruth in Bardstown, Ky is who also very good.

When my son died,   at the funeral as I sit on the couch across the room I saw a very large circle of purple light and inside the circle was two small purple balls.  It was there for only a brief second and anybody there could have seen this but it was only for me I guess.  I will always remember this and I believe in the over side. 

I know for sure someone has talked to me from the other side---from that reality that vibrates faster than this one some call heaven. I call these spirit beings my parents. That is because while I was being abused by harsh critical adults as a child I had to have parents somewhere. I chose the compassionate voices that talked to me in my head and from across the room. I say they counseled me because when my mother would rage and scare me shi.....a compassionate voice would try to tell me how to deal with the situation. I really felt listened to all the time by this compassionate voice. When I was around 13 I thought of killing myself because I was making nobody happy. A compassionate voice in my head said "there's something better ahead." I didn't kill myself/leave my body at that time because of this voice I trusted.

 I was being taught to pray for this mother that was so distant and hurt and angry. This spirit voice seemed to be in my head most of the time. There were energy beings in the house I lived in and sometimes I spoke for them. I felt them. I remember talking like an adult sometimes. My mother must have been really scared and that added to all her other grief. I believe that love was speaking to her, but she did not understand. When I talked about these voices that spoke to me, at school that must be why those teachers seemed so angry at me. They seemed to hate me the most. I experienced a hate crime from all directions. I hid and cried a lot and learned not to talk.

I still am experiencing this hate crime. This society as a whole says that voices are not real and then psychiatrists use the word schizophrenia to describe it. Or illusion. Physicists say these voices are real and are coming from another reality that vibrates at a different speed than this one. Parallel realities.  Read the book Hands of Light written by the former physicist Barbara Brennan. So this world is hugely twisted by these two theories---3 if you include religion because religion says that we are eternal. Since we are eternal, then there must be all kinds of spirit beings trying to talk to us. These are only theories after all, but have caused this world to war in so many ways.

Can't anyone make up their mind?

So you have got psychology, physics, and religion. Psychology is the harshest. It doesn't admit to the possibility of magic and miracles or spirit beings. It has labeled so many people wrongly. It has taken away those comforting voices of these spirit beings that we all have. And then it gives out pills to make money. I took some of those pills. I couldn't talk and I was dizzy. What has that got to do with healing me from hearing voices? I think that you all give out pills just to quiet the voices of wiseness.

Psychologists haven't read enough books to know that we all are eternal. Physics says we are eternal. They say leptons are eternal after they split the atom. Why don't psychologists have to know quantum physics before they hand out pills? I have read books that say pills are placebos---all of them. Despite all of that, there is a world in the midst of us where these compassionate spirits live/vibrate. It vibrates faster than this one, so angels and other spirit beings have to slow down to talk to us in this one. It is a science to learn. We all had to learn to slow down to enter these bodies. It is a constant challenge learning the ways of energy.

Since I wasn't allowed friends as a child I had to rely on spirit beings to be my friends. Then in my 20's a voice told me to go talk to this man walking down the street. Through him I found books like "Living the Infinite Way" by Joel Goldsmith. Joel said "where is God but within you?" Then I found Edgar Cayce and Seth and a huge amount of books written by people like doctors that say we can heal ourselves. "Healing Yourself" by Rossman M.D. is very relieving. Imagery is how we heal ourselves. Why isn't this taught in public schools? What a grave injustice.

We are being created in the image of God constantly. We are literal pulsating images. Holographic images. Pribram says our brains are holograms. Physicists say at the quantum level we are all ONE energy. Electrons vibrate at the quantum level. People are 100% full of the quantum level. Looks like it is true that the Kingdom of God is within us and I think that it is called the non local quantum level. Fields of waves. What else vibrates/oscillates/spins/rotates those electrons? It is conscious intelligence that vibrates those electrons which we form into our bodies.

I have read the book "Hands of Light" by the former physicist and now healer Barbara Brennan. I could get a bachelor's degree there if someone would give me a grant. Only costs about $16,000 a year. Otherwise, if I don't become professional I will just be schizophrenic. I am not going out on the streets feeling all of this energy flow through me just so people can follow me around. I cannot be Jesus, although I think that I am supposed to act like him. Acting like Jesus is the whole point. We are supposed to find out that we are eternal energy beings and then leave this earth. We are not supposed to be building houses on such a temporary earth. Time here is like a second to our whole eternal lives.

I have felt energy flow through me in many ways when I have been happy. I am that open concept wise. Healing fast is real. We are literally healing machines because we are full of all that God is----conscious holographic compassionate energy that cares. This empathy for others caused me to pray for them in my 20's when I was my most happiest. I was landscaping all day, walking in the sun, listening to music, wearing shorts, watering flowers, reading books on healing, magic and miracles. I wanted to see magic and miracles so I imagined everyday that they would show up. These books taught me to wish the best for all concerned all the time. We are all ONE energy, so I did.

Then one day a co worker fell down in pain. Immediately I felt a huge amount of energy enter my body as if ready to do something. I wished for this man to not be in pain anymore. I told him to relax while I put my hand on his side. Then his pain went away. Did the same thing with my son. I didn't feel a lot of overwhelming energy enter my body that time. I felt a small stream of energy leave my abdomen and then it went his way when he was crying. As soon as that energy left my body and went his way his crying stopped. Did the same thing to me. With me I don't feel energy. I just PRETEND that I am perfect already, rather than feeling sick. It is in the imagination that healing begins. I said to myself over and over "I feel good now. " A person is supposed to tell themselves this no matter how they feel. Our cells mirror back to us how we WANT/imagine to feel. Literally. We are perfect beings of eternal energy and light, but we can override that by telling ourselves that we are not. Isn't that wild?

That is what keeps us on earth. We tell ourselves this is the only planet, the only reality and it is solid, so death is the end. So since death is the end then why not have wars over the land that is here? Why not hate others and label them all kinds of names? After all, at the end is death. Then nobody will know the difference. So get together the congress and wall street so that they can deregulate bank money and then bring down the world with their greediness. And then don't put them in jail, because after all, death is the end, so what else is there to do? Then let society see that they are not going to jail for their greediness, so the whole system is in an uproar of tension. Good for doctors and all those pill makers. From what I have seen and heard, businesses do this all the time. They get together to conspire to keep people buying. For instance, I heard that the NRA, the National Rifle Association, wanted everybody to keep on buying guns-- so they fuel the fires of separation between people.  Keep people believing in death and all those bad people out there so funeral homes and caskets and life insurance won't ever run out of business.

Physics says we are eternal, indestructible and magical. Religion says we are eternal. So why do people believe that they die? People are a series of waves that are measured as frequencies. We are literally a set of wave packets. Doctors know this. They use high priced machines to tell us that we are frequencies. But then most of them "forget" to tell us that since we are frequencies we can learn how to heal ourselves. Our thoughts are energy frequencies. Why not think different thoughts? How about forgiveness? Would forgiveness thoughts flowing through the body somehow release all that tension that leads to sickness? YES. 100%

None of the doctors I have ever seen told me this--except for the one time I went to biofeedback. All these mainstream doctors have so many patients they hardly had time to see me 3 or 4 hours later. Then would they tell me that I can heal myself SINCE I WAITED SO LONG? NO. That would take away their money. They would rather see my wait a long time, just like those banks that have cut the teller jobs so drive through banking is totally time consuming---leading to a huge amount of stress which people deal with using pills. It is a huge capitalistic circle.

But, thanks to all of you for not rescuing me from my severely abusive childhood. Because you didn't, I have learned to heal myself. Now I know that there is no such thing as death. In fact, I know for sure that when I leave this body, I will be literally born back into the reality that I originally came from. You know? That world that vibrates faster than the speed of light, like our electrons, called heaven?  We have to channel all this "faster than light being" that we are into these slower bodies. We do it by coiling our energy into circles and wave packets. We are that smart when not in these bodies. Then we take all this energy at "death" and zoom to the ceiling to look down at all the people that still believe in "death".

My whole childhood must have been one huge long near death experience and it is still going on. My grief is that I don't remember going to the other side to learn all kinds of spiritual information to teach others, so my power is not what it could be. I am diminished if I don't go outside to ride a mountain bike to wish the best for others so that I can feel energy flow through me. Without the happiness of speeding up my energy I might as well leave this earth. Nobody to talk to that understands. No husband, no family, no world travel, no grant for college. I am brushed off constantly. My experience is that people don't love people. They are just too stressed out by the fear of death and germs. Grief is rampant In the U.S.

 If this needs editing, then sorry. I took a college English course and the teacher said that there was nothing I said that was true. So I left. I know that fast healing is true. And I know that solidity and death are illusions and that is true. Physics and religion say so. So there is you a small book on my life. Wish I could write a big book that convince people that death is not the end. I need to fix why nobody rescued me from a hellish childhood.

The paranormal or the supernatural is our reality now. It is God, too. This huge web of energy we live in that makes us all ONE energy is the source of all this and telepathy, too. Read the book "Holographic Universe" by Talbot. Or the Hands Of Light book by Barbara Brennan. There are a lot of books out there, like the book "Parallel Universes" by Wolf. Or "The Elegant Universe" by Greene. Then there is Chopra and Dyer, etc. and don't forget that book called "An Ascension Handbook" by Stubbs channeling Serapis. Seth books are great for explaining our quantum universe in lay terms.


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