Hi,I'm looking a gift in the eye no one wants & I first heard this topic some years ago and I know first-hand what pain does.One thing is its very tiring and it beats you down slowly day by day,Ive been in constant pain for 28 yrs.now that's half of my life and thru it all I've seen some stuff that will make your hair stand up.Pain will humble you,pain will break you down to the lowest common denominator,pain will make you forget the world around you as it takes all of your time focusing on it,pain frustrates you to the point that you have to seek help to mentally cope,my help has always come from Almighty God,Pain has a grip that none can pull you out of,yes I've heard of people saying take some advil and it'll stop the pain,if you read the directions on otc medicines they say for temporary relief,pain will make you call for DEATH to take you away.But there is nothing that prepares you for the pain of losing you love-ones un-expectedly,there are no drugs that gives you relief from the invisible hit that just struck from out of nowhere,The mind changes all thoughts that it once had an now the direction is uncertain today I might look back or I might look forward in what could have been I look back at what should have been done,in retrospect you wonder did you love enough or how you could have loved better.Sometimes deaath can release you from the pain of watching your loved one suffer,but then sometimes death only begins your suffering and that can be painful.The GIFT OF PAIN IS;IT MAKES YOU AWARE OF AN INTRUDER THAT NEEDS TO BE EXPELLED,but because of its potential longevity it makes you do what many have never had the time or patient to do and that is "PRAY",PAIN WILL CAUSE YOU TO PRAY EVERY DAY ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT.PAIN BECOMES A GIFT EVEN IF IT MAKES US BITTER,CAUSE THE LONGER THE PAIN THE LESS THE BITTERNESS SURVIVES,TRUTHFULLY IF YOU HAVE ANY INDICATION OF THERE BEING A GOD YOU WILL SEEK TO KNOW WHY HAS THIS INTRUDER BEEN ALLOWED TO ENTER INTO YOUR LIFE,regardless of you ethnicity,your religion,your economic status,pain will take all of your focus from any of these and teach you lessons that you never knew were possible,Pain will cause you to walk softer,pain will make you learn how call on the name of Jesus or whom ever may be your god,pain will make you be aware of even the tiniest stone on the ground so that you not step on it for fear of how much pain is going to shoot thru your legs and all over your body,but still even in the worst of pain there is a deeper pain that invades the pain that you already experience,this pain can be unexplainable,and the death of one you love more than life itself can not be explained amidst the pain that you now have contracted.This pain will goes so deep that many will never see it only you can feel its deep seated sting.But the gift of this pain is it teaches us the value of "Today".Today if you here his voice don't harden your hearts (Heb:4:7) the hardening of the hard can cause pain that can't be expelled,reconciliation should be made at all cost because Tommorow is not promised, the pain that strikes us to the core is the self-inflicted pain of a hard heart and an unforgiving heart.Love should be shown while it is Today.The Gift of Grace allows us to render grace unto any and all that have wronged us,even the person who dropped the wood on my back 28 yrs.ago I have forgiven but the pain in my back has increased but the love in my heart has strengthened beyond explaination as it will in your heart if you'll go into your secret closet and forgive.Don't let anyone Die in front of you with hatred,animosity,envy,jealousy,etc.The Gift of Pain is it breaks down everything in you and causes a Sensitivity never known before,this sensitivity learns to look before it leaps,it learns you to think before you speak so that you don't hurt people's feelings.The Gift of Pain causes you to release things that were once very valuable to you.The Gift of Pain causes you to now put value on those you once laughed at.But most of all the Gift of pain causes you to show the love of God to any and all you may come in contact with.The Pain Jesus endured shows how much love pain can really endure.Pain showed how much the Father wanted to Reconcile with his Creation,for pain revealed the heart of the Father & The Son & The Holy Spirit. But the most pain has shown now is that The Holy Spirit has come to live in and with us to help us endure any and all pain until the day of redemption.May the God of Peace hold you during your Pain.(Prov.18:14)The Spirit of a person will sustain him/her in his/her infirmity.The Gift of pain has allowed me to write this comment for discussion.Yours In Christ,Rev.James Durden

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