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Well Teresa...that is fantastic that your sister was a giving person....and its sad to hear that she died from cancer at a early age.....Cancer Hits all ages ...Nevertheless i know what it means to lose someone.....My Brother was my Rib in my body and now he's gone....But i know just like you we have to move on....However they are still in our Hearts...One thing for sure ..We do have a hope that we will see them again....and that's what i'm looking forward too....
Teresa, I hate that you and your family have to deal with losing your sister. As I mentioned earlier, the Bible assures us that there will be a ressurection of the dead to a perfect, and healthy state and we won't have to worry about pain, suffering and death anymore (Revelation 21:3,4). The article I have also deals with helping children to grieve and how to explain to them what has happened. It also answers questions such as should I hide my grierf from them' etc. Let me know if you would like a copy as well.
Well one thing about it Lisa..Elaine Teresa Latasha Lee ..I lost my brother...and it really hurt so so bad.....however i can't immagine what you've went..through....Everyone goes through death of a sibling...Differently......Nevertheless i truely miss him so much.....I know soon with this world going aray ....We will see our loved ones soon....Know-doubt...........
Mike you are right and that I do believe. Some times it gets so hard for me. All I can do is pray or read the Bible for some comfort.
I lost my big brother about eight days ago. It feels as though it was only yesterday I was talking to him. My brother has always inspired me to do the best I could and never give up. He was loved by many and will never be forgotten. My brother is one of the best things that ever happened to my life, because he taught me to believe and to live. My heart will forever hurt and that won't change any time soon. Everyday there is something that will remind me of him, whether it be something he said or did that was funny. And I find myself smiling, alone in a thought of him. Through my family and prayer I know we'll be alright.
Well without a doubt Devona...Just as i mentioned to Elaine....We all have the hope of seeing our loved ones again and soon for that matter......You said something that reminded me of my brother...He would always say....When you get married..Make sure she is not so pretty.....He told me if i marry someone pretty i'm going to have more issues than with the ugly woman.....(I don't know how true is that)...However it made me laugh...He would always put a smile on my face as well.....But like i mentioned we have that hope and i know as well as you we will see our loved one's soon.....
You are right Mike because I think about a lot of things that my brother use say and do. We called him the bar-b-que man. He would always do all the bar-b-ques,but he use to make us this vodka lemonade to go with it. Now every time we have a family function we serve vodka lemonaide and would hold our cups up and say to you brother with a smile.
You know Mike I believe he's not suffering any more and that he's in a better place. I guess the thing that bothers me is how people try to tell me how or how not to grieve. Like some will say not to cry so much. How am I suppose to deal with my brothers death then? Act as if nothing happened, and pick up where I left off? Now, that's crazy! He was my only brother, and he was awesome! He was only 39 yrs.old when he died. I have two older sisters, and during this time it has brought us closer together. Like Elaine's brother, my brother loved to grill. He would cut a tiny piece of meat for you if you went to see how it was coming along. And for some reason he made you feel as if he would do that just for you, because everyone would be patiently waiting till he was done. But he would do that for all of us to keep us from starving... I know holidays are going to be the worst but I dont want to think of that, yet.
Well Devona I know what you are going through. It is hard. You know something if you were a close nit family its even harder for you. I am inviting you Devona and Mike to view my son kris Legacy Memorial Site. You think it was hard with my brother but now my son and he was only 28yrs.of age. Its been 2yrs.and it still seems like yesterday to me. I have so much to remember him by,especially his 2 sons Kris J. & Kory J. I even have a pair of tennis that he designed to wear to the New Orleans Saints 1st. football game in 2006,but he never had a chance to wear them. Kris J.Phillips Sr. Memorial Site is (htt://
Elaine, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your memorial site with me. Your family is beautiful, and the site itself was much more than words can say. I will keep you in my prayers.
Thanks Devona and I will keep praying for each and everyone on this Legacy Connect Site. I know prayers is the key to heaven and it takes my faith to unlock the doors. This site has helped me out a lot in many ways. It opened my eyes to let me see that many other people are going through the pain and heartache that I am going through or maybe more then I have been through. You know I ask the question once I wonder is there anyone that is in pain and still having heartaches like me? do the pain ever stop? It seems like there is no ending. I loved my 1st child that died,my mother,father,and my brother,but it seems like this death really hit me. I don't know maybe because the way my son died in a fatal car accident suddenly or what. But I am still praying asking God to release this pain and heartache that I still have after 2 yrs. It was said some people grieve different. You know after Kris death on March 15,2007 I had a brain aneurysm while driving on the I-10 in Baton Rouge,La. with 3 grandkids in the car with me,Thank God no one was seriously injured. I hit 3 cars and than 3 cars hit me than I hit the bridge. This is what grief can do to you. Some times grief could put you in a depression stage that you don't want to go on any more. April is a depressing month for me. I really suffered this year. Why it come to me my father died April 4,1987,my mother April 9,1989 and Kris April 9,2006,look at this my mother death was at 2:41am and Kris death was at 2:42am on the same day and month, and my father funeral was on April 9,1987. Still anyway yes just keep me in your prayers.
You know, Elaine my brother was in the hospital for five days, out for three days and back in for another six before he passed away. During the last time in the hospital, me and my dad's birthday was approching and all I remember is I wanted him to be here for it. And he was, but he died later that night. My aunt said she was sorry that he died on our birthday but to me, I want to think of that as just another reason to celebrate. Celebrate his life and remember all the love we shared. My mom said with a laugh, he wanted to make sure he was included on the third. Mom's birthday is on the 3rd of December, my sister's anniversary is on the 3rd of July and me and my dad's birthday is on the 3rd of my brother, on the 3rd of July. Our hearts will always ache......To Mike, thanks I'll do just that!


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