My husband died on June 27th. I joined this support group a few weeks later and posted a few times, read posts and then I felt I needed to move on in my life!!! I was a care-giver for so long, that I was looking forward starting a new life. My dear friend came to visit and then after she left, I was struck with this strange and strangling emotion, it twisted and turned me every which way, brought me to my knees and I am horrified and scared, and this new emotion called "grief" has taken center stage and it won't bow out.

I am numb, angered, bewildered, sad, crying, depressed and all at the same time

What is happiness?
Well, here I am the lonely widow, who is left without any friends or family. I have exhausted so many people, they have to hear the same old story how much I miss him and how lonely I feel and they back away, as though they are saying, "ENOUGH ALREADY".

I have joined a Grief Support Group to help me sort through all the feelings. .

I plan to purchase a few books on grief and read them. I just am beside myself.

Thanks for listening. My heart and love go out to all of you here at the Grief support groups, we all share the same bond, called, "Grief". It is painful but necessary for us to embrace, deal with it in every which way we can and then let it make its departure so we can move on and continue living.

Nameste, my heart to yours..all of my best to each and everyone of you..

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donot feel sorry for talking about the love one your lost  grief takes time.  too many people say it time to go on   .  the loss of a love one takes yers maybe more only you know what you need to take care of you others that not been there donot listen to them please  take time for you.  you know what kind of club you joined it called the grief club  huggskathyjo 

Deb, today was the first time Ive seen you in the group, I guess I still haven't figured out completely how to navigate around this place.  Anyway, I was struck when I read your words at the top of the page,  because my Don passed away on June 26, he just didn't wake up that morning, I still live with and feel the horror and loss and pain that started that day.  So our timelines are only one day apart, so I mainly wanted to tell you I'm sorry for your loss and I truly do feel your pain.


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