Friends, I was just wondering if you all felt the same way that I do,  My MIL every time I talk to her say this to me...How is my life going on?  My life is stuck in amoment in time.  The world keeps spinning, time continues, but my life...nope really right now I don't even know what my "life" is or will be.  Just curious as to what you all thought about this assinine remark.   Love to all and many wonderful blessings!

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It is the same tone she used when my son, her grandchild was killed in auto accident. she is just in her own little world. you see Jim's dad had chronic lymphocedic (sp) leukemia, was treated in  march april and may for prostate cancer and I think she is in fear of her own life.  While her son, My Jim was in the hospital dying she told me that as long as her husband could survive everything would be just fine...I just looked at her in disbelief.  that is her stuff..

I see, I am sorry, I was just trying to give a different possible perspective.

Karen, I appreciate that. I do I wish it was the way you said would make my life easier!  Thanks and hugs

Julie,  When your FIL passes, your MIL is going to have to deal with many more things than the grief of loosing her husband.  I wonder if she will be able to deny all of these deaths.  I suspect that they will all come at her at once.  Be kind to her and don't ask her how her life is going on; you already know.  I'm sorry that you have to deal with people like this.  Obviously, we all have to deal with many different personalities, especially if they are part of the extended family.  Hugs!

Maggie, funny you posted this... I got a call from her (MIL) today Jim's dad is going down hill fast and my daughter and I are going tomorrow to see him. He had prostate cancer finished radiation in may and began chemo in  October for leukemia, and they actually did surgery on the man for a hernia...I just don't think this sounds good. time will tell.  If she says one negative thing tomorrow, I WILL let her have it. So I pray the lord blesses me with much patience tomorrow... Hugs  and thanks.

thanks Jane, I will honor my husband, yet let her know what my world is like now.  Hugs

Jane, Well said and I will keep this in mind. He is a good man just like his son.  This just suprises me, cuz this was her child, but  I cannot judge I just have to be supportive of his dad.  Hugs Jane and thanks so much.


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