It is such a great feeling to celebrate our loved one. Everytime I start talking about Douglas I smile now, I even laugh at some of the antics he pulled, and I still cry when necessary. Eight months ago I never dreamed that I would be at this point in the grief process. Baby steps, that is what it takes to get to where I am now. The Celebration of Life party is coming along great. Many friends are so eager to help with the planning. I am having it at a very special resort in my home state (Washington) and so the buffet will be hosted by the facility. But the music will be provided by his friends (Douglas was a musician and recording engineer) and we will dance and sing, wear our tie-dye and groove on out!

Do I miss him -- absolutely and always will. I have accepted that I miss the "physical" Douglas because the spiritual Douglas is and always has been with me. That will never go away. We have all been blessed to have loved and been loved by these incredible people. They are out of pain, watching over us (and you all know that that is a FULL time job -- some of us are more challenging then others!), and they are preparing a place for us once we have finished what we were meant to do on this earth. My Douglas finished his mission on July 17, 2009 -- he always had to be first! I am not searching for my task on earth but living every day to its fullest. That is what he did, what he wants me to do, and the Celebration of Life will continue once I join him.

Things get easier to accept and deal with as time marches on. We will cry, scream, laugh, and look confused, but we will all be doing it together. This group is excellent and I am so very thankful for each of you as I pass through the many stages of grief. Friends -- who could ask for better?

In peace,


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Thank you, Charles! I invite all of you to attend the Celebration of Life I have planned for Douglas on April 10, 2010. I will feel all of you there with me, supporting me, loving me as I say good-bye, again, to a beautiful soul. I appreciate each and every one of you -- and the donuts!! LOL :)

In peace,


Charles said:
Brigitte, Kathleen and others,
This beautiful and important post received zero response for several days until
Kathleen and I posted here.Now its up to three pages.
Personally I think everyone on this site should be required to read this post and every response to it because it shows that even tho we have broken hearts, even tho we lost that everything with that soul mate,even tho we cry and grieve each day, even tho we feel as tho we died ourselves.
Thank you for the invitation. I will be there with you, holding your hand, in spirit, to celebrate the life of Douglas.

With Warm Aloha, Linda
Tom, be sure bring enough dougnuts and t-shirts for all.

Tom said:
Dear Brigitte,
On April 10th, I would like you to think of me being there also.
I'll be the one holding the donut platter !
Wearing a SLAP ME NOW! tee shirt on !
This is hysterical!!!If someone wanted to be sad today,please don't read this.These posts will only make you smile!!OMG,I can picture Tom on a unicycle with a platter of donuts,surrounded by a bunch of widows (angry widows)hitting people.Brigettes celebration would be sooo much fun!
" Who can I blame??)"...........TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea,Thats the ticket lets blame Tom!!!
Shame, shame on you, Tom for making us laugh...........and I love ya for it!
Oh Tom...........the kitties will not save you.....heheheheheh, but maybe the doughnuts will ;)
Brigitte did a wonderful job with her post!! The following posts have made me smile . . even laugh today. That is something that I don't experience often now. It has been fun reading these posts and relating to each one of you in some way -- we have all lost the love of our life and are trying to continue life to the best of our abilities! Thank God for leading me to this site and these wonderful friends. By the way Tom, Linda's right . . the kitties will not save you and I love your t-shirt idea!! Hope all of you have a blessed, restful night! :)


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