Tomorrow will be a rough day for me, my friends. It would have been our 29th wedding anniversary. When he was very ill, he told me that we would renew our vows on our 30th anniversary................we almost made it Baby.Photobucket" />

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wow! what a nice tribute.
I hope you get through the day the best you can. I'm sure you will feel your prince all around you.
Wow Linda! It is such a nice picture and you both look so happy. You both must have made lots of happy memories together. May God give you strength to be strong for him as now he is living through you. Be Brave! We all are here for you.
I got through this rough day very well. My daughter and grandson took me out to breakfast and shopping. My daughter remembered that Bo always surprised me with my favorite chocolate covered strawberries (sorry Tom, not ice cream). She bought me three large chocolate berries......yum! I know Bo was smiling down on us as I ate each berrie. Later the family gathered at my home to spend time with me and talk and laugh about the good times. It was later on, before I went to sleep is where the crying started. Bo send me beautiful, heartfelt cards for every special occasion. I have boxes of them. Last night I found last years anniversary card from him. He wrote how much it meant for him and how it made it stronger that I was by his side. Most of his cards were signed " I will love you forever".

Lois, I'm still looking for a program to do a collage with my Mac. Have been so busy with visiting relatives and also helping my cousins with the funeral arrangements for my uncle who also passed with lung cancer.

Thank you my friends for being here for me.

With Warm Aloha, Linda
My heart goes out to you. My Harry and I did renew our vows on our 30th anniversary. I know that will be extremely hard for you next year. I haven't had to deal with an anniversary yet. That will happen on Oct. 20th. I am NOT looking forward to it. I think I would want to sleep through that day. I pray that you found a way to deal with it. Everyone tells me to think happy thoughts and I DO but that makes me feel worse because I want them again. Maybe I am being selfish. I have never thought of myself as a selfish person but since this happened, I WANT IT ALL BACK. I want so many things and they all involve my love of my life. It's constantly I WANT.....I WANT. I do pray that you find the strength to get through this. We are all in this together.
What a beautiful picture. You know your husband resembles Tony Orlando. Im sure you have heard that before. Shows my age dont it. You are such a beautiful couple. I lost my Donnie to liver cancer just 3 weeks after he was diagnosed. He passed on February27 and our 38th anniversay was on February 14. I dont know how he did it but he even managed to get me a card. I will treasure that forever. I love how you did the heart just lovely
Dotti, my Bo has a huge smile in Heaven right now. He was told many times that he resembled Tony Orlando in his younger days. He was so proud of that but for the life of me, I couldn't see it. I just saw the man I loved. You have made him very happy :)


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