You ask me, how am I?
Well I'm still standing, aren't I?
That's something, that's one thing , that's gone my way
It's so hard, to go out, like everything ok now
When inside, I still cry for yesterday
This is my unhappy anniversary! !
But I lie, saying it's just another day
This is my unhappy anniversary! !
I know it's so stupid to feel brokenhearted
I wonder if you know just how much I hurt
I drink up and think up a toast to numb the hours
To get through without you is so hard today
Cause it's unhappy anniversary! !
And now it's near midnight, a few minutes and I
Return to get back to my former life
Pretending our ending was not so bad, I know that
It's time to escape you until next year
When it's unhappy anniversary! !
This is my unhappy anniversary
But I smile like it's just another day
It's just my unhappy anniversary

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I cry with you. Everyday is a unhappy anniversary.
My husband died in September.Our anniversay is in November.I couldn't forget and no one else remembered.I feel for you.
May 17th our anniversary came and went and no one remembered but me.
That's fine though, I spent the day thinking about Loni and had all my cats to keep me company. Just the way I wanted it to be. I don't want to be sad about it.
I'm so sorry no one remembered you on that day. It's hard when your world has come to an end, your anniversaries come, birthdays come and all the "first" take place and you spend the day huddled up in bed or on the couch crying, sad and alone and you wonder where all the friends who say they love you and will always be there for you yet for some reason, they forget all about you and your pain. I want you to know, we all are you for you. Come find us and we will be here.
My heart goes out to you for I am going on 7 months without my Malcolm and I have my puppy, just the way I want it right now.


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