It twenty seven weeks today and I am missing him so much. Just wanted to share my feeling which would mirror most of your feelings too.

It's Twenty Seven Weeks

To realize that time spend with you was so dear. When you are no longer here. I cling to memories,that bring you near. If only I could touch you again, without bringing back the pain. Feeling your presence that you are not really that far away. One day would us bring back the aura and magic of being again together. I know you are just a whisper away, just wish could see and feel you.

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For me it is 22 weeks and 1 day--155 days. That sounds like a short period of time but as we all know when you are in pain it does not seem short. It feels like forever in one way and in another way I still haven't grasped it. I went to the store with my daughter this afternoon and when my five year old grandson said something funny I found myself planning to tell Tim when he got home. I know we have all done this. Everything I look at says he should be here.
The time goes by but the hurting remains. It does not subside just because another day goes by. Some days are bearable but most days are just horrible. You cannot forget the life you had with the man you loved and who loved you. Oh, how I wish I could see and touch my husband again. He was a good man and a great husband and father. Nothing mattered to him more than his family. I don't know why God chose to take him now but I cannot question Him. I only pray now that soon he will let me come with him. I need to hold his hand even if I have to die to do it. I am having some physical problems (difficulty breathing) and I am not upset about it. I feel like it brings me a step closer to being with my love. Time just flies by but the hurt lives on and on and gets worse day by day.
I would like to say its been 14 months and 14 days when my wife died suddenly. I heard and saw her dead. I too, would give anything to hold her hand and say goodbye. Would give anything to bring her back to me, to hold, hug,talk and be around each others company again.I also have some problems,disabled bad back and heart stents. I dont care either. The closer I can get to her the better. I will continue to carry on, if you want to call it that, and keep her legacy, her memory, ALIVE thru me. She was and is our "rock". Hugs to all. Hugs are good.


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