I used to love long week ends. Now I am dreading them.It was hard hearing the banter and the excitement of my colleagues sharing their plans while all I could think about was how to fill the void for an extra day.

It will be just as bad when I get back to work. Everyone will tell their fun stories and I will stoically smile and say 'how lovely' and 'what fun'. I don't begrudge them being happy,I miss being happy.

Today is almost over and I made it through, two more days to go.

 I miss you my darling, today more than ever.

Sending you love and prayers, your wife.

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That's one of the most difficult things......hearing other people making plans, even something as simple as the grocery store or doctor's apt because they're making those plans together.   I feel bad about being jealous but I know I'm not the only one.  Even scrolling through Facebook is hard.  Then come the long weekends were we're supposed to pretend we're happy about it.  Please know that you're not alone in these feelings.


Sandfly ...  Your post had me in tears.  It has been just over 6 years since my dear husband passed away and to this day I detest long weekends.  I too see people getting ready to go on vacation for a long weekend, hear them laughing and then with friends have to pretend that I am so happy for them.  Sara basically said it in a nut shell.  I finally decided with one loyal girlfriend to at least fill in one day out of each weekend, but it's that extra day on a long weekend I detest the most.  It is normal to feel that way when grieving and it does take some getting use to.  I still can have my own little 'pity party' every now and then.  I do the best I can and sometimes go places where there are just 'people' around so I'm not so alone.  I look on our Canadian Calendar and there seems to be a long weekend in almost every month and I cringe! 

Just know you are not alone and many of us have to try and figure out ways to fill the weekends and long weekends in. 


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