The days are getting so much harder than i thought, I finaly got some answers from the hospital but it didnt make me feel any better, i had hoped it would help but its like getting them answers have taken me from denial to complete awareness to the fact my husband is gone and isnt coming back. I not only miss my beautiful husband but also my three step sons, two of them are autistic and they filled mine and my girls hearts with so much love and laughter. Their mum walked out on them and there dad 4 years ago because she couldnt handle the autism and hadnt had anything to do with them untill the day my husband went to hospital. while i was there with him day and night their mum came and got them from my husbands parents and we were told there was not much we could do because she is the biological mother.

I didnt give birth to these three beautiful boys but it almost feels like i did, the pain i have in my heart after losing them as well as my husband is almost more than i can bear. I worry about them day and night, no body knows where they are or has a number for their mother. its so hard on my husbands family to.

My husband didnt leave a will so she can just take them. But they are not thinking of the boys needs just their own. my little men need lots of love and affection and their mum isnt that way inclined (MEN DONT CUDDLE) THEY TELL THEM (THEY SHAKE HANDS) what kind of life is that for a child exspecially one with special needs.who have also just lost the most important person in their lives.

I love you so much my little men, girls and i miss you more and more everyday.


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Your right jane, they do want them for the money, money they think can be spent on anything but thats not the case, the money needs to go towards specialists for the children, they are not cheap here in Australia. I have always let it be known to their mum that i am always here but it feels like they are punnishing me for my husbands and her relationship problems.

I got to see the boys at my husbands funeral on the 10th of april and then again on the 12th of may because my step son turned 11. Their mums partner says to myself and husbands mother that we have to learn some rules before we see the kids, whatever that means. This women has 7 children, her mum took one when he was a baby also special needs, the next three she walked out and left with their father then she met my husband had three boys and left them to. only three of her children are special needs. why cant she see they are not a burden but a joy a very special gift.she had the boys a couple times last year but my husband put a stop to it because they were coming home with large bruises and the eldest boy told us that his mum had been hitting the two youngest with autism. Im going to court but they are threatening my girls safety if i dont drop it. i love the boys but also dont want my girls to get hurt. now i know why my husband didnt want us having anything to do with these people one of them is his own brother i hadnt met till my husband passed away, my husband didnt talk to him he said he was a very violent drug user. i just dont know what to do


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