I have decided it's time to move. I love my home that Bill gave to me 5 years ago here in South Carolina but it is getting more and more difficult to continue moving forward with all the memories here. My dear daughter came to live with me and we are doing great but I know she misses the big city life she came from so we have found a wonderful new home up in the upstate of South Carolina and it was approved today. I feel it is a good thing for us to continue growing. I know my Bill would be happy for me and be glad with his help I can do this. We raised horses together but I find I cannot even ride now. I just do not have the same passion for them so I must let that part of my life go now and move to a smaller home with a lot less upkeep. This is too much of a struggle to maintain. I know Bill will go with me wherever I go but I admit it was very difficult to start putting his things away to clear the rooms of this house to sell. My daughter has agreed we will have a wall in our spare room for his mementos still as she is not ready to put "daddy" away yet either. Thats nice to know that she understands. I wish everyone well on their endeavors on this roller coaster ride we all continue on.

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So very hard to do Kathy, You are brave. I agree no matter where we are, our sweethearts go with us. God bless and be with you in this new life! Putting "things" away is not the same. It's just stuff! I'm glad your daughter agrees that keeping mementoes up brings your Bill/Dad with you.....though we all know that they never leave us....Blessings, Kathleen
Kathy I am very happy you are able to do this.As hard as it will be to leave your home and the life you shared with Bill there you are right he will be with you where ever you go.You are very blessed to have such a caring daughter and famly who willingly gave up their life to be with you.You are a strong woman and have the willpower to live again and enjoy life.You give insparation to everyone including me,I appreacate all your support and wish you well in your new journey.Hugs

Wow, I need to hurry & see you before you move! When are ya'll planning to go? Where in S.C.? Will you still be near your sister? I was thinking you & your sister worked at the same school. It's good to hear you will be staying with your daughter and I agree that Bill is with you always, but I know this is not easy. I wish you the best always & good things will be waiting for you~ Hugs, Christy


Thanks for sharing.  I admire you for being able to move away from there.  I know Bill will be with you wherever you are and be proud of you.  Sounds like you have a wonderful daughter too.  Bless you both.
Kathy I am so glad you have finally, made that move.  I so wish I could wake up one morning, and I am in another home.  I know it will be easier for me, in another place.  As this home is just him, and hard for me to move on.  I just need the motivation to declutter, and get rid of stuff to put it up for sale, as I need to sell before I can buy again.  I just wish I had someone that can help me, get about this, everyone keeps saying, they are there for me, but have not been there for me, yet. lol.  I just dont like to ask.  Wish I was well off and get someone in, and help me do this.  I need a list of how to get started, on my own, lol.   I cant think of the happy times we had together yet, all I think of is, my soulmate, being so ill. The last year of his life.  I can look after the house, as it is a small, its just the yard I hate, it is just too much to handle. I am going to keep thinking positive, and pray the Lord gives me motivation, to start somewhere. Wish us all well, my life, sure is a roller coaster.


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