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the ending of the video is all of his family and friends on the 1 yr mark, at his favorite hang out spot at the river, each one of us leaving a rose in the water for him.
So sorry for your loss. This video was awesome. My husband died 9/28/10 at the age of 39. I wish i knew how to make a video for him.
Great video. What song is this on the video. So pretty and true.
To Jill,
I'm very sorry for your loss. I just wanted to say that everyone starts out not knowing how to edit videos. Don't let it intimadate you. I found it very helpful during my grieving process to do these kind of artistic expressions. I didn't go to school to learn how to do video editing. I taught myself using Windows Movie Maker (it's software that comes with every edition of each Windows Operating System. It's very user friendly, I'm sure you'd get the hang of it no time.)
But if you would like me to, I could put one together for you. I wouldn't charge anything. I've done a lot of different memorial projects for others. Webpages, Graphic designs, portraits, videos... it's hard to explain, but doing things to help others through thier grieving process actually helps me through my own grieving process. so if u would like me to make one, what i'd need u to do, is get all of ur favorite pics that u want in the video, and put them in a zip file to send to my email. Also, if could briefly say a few words about you hubby to help get the inspiration flowing. What happened, what kind of man he was, things he enjoyed most, how he impacted u're life and the lives of others around him. Stuff like that, but whatever u're comfortable with. I know sometimes it's can get too painful for me to write about my husband in a lot detail after a while.
So just let me know if you would like that and I'll give u my personal email. Or if you would like to do it yourself but maybe have some questions about it, I'd be happy to help u also.

Here's a graphic design I did for another member of Bereaved Spouces. Her husband passed away from a heart attack, this is him getting his new heart in Heaven from God.

brad's new heart
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To Kim,
The song is called "Address in the Stars". By, Caitlin & Will.


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