It has been one of those days. I am heart broken. Ok about a month ago my Father -in -law my husband Barrys stepdad had a growth and they needed to do test. Send him to duke. They told him they thought he had cancer but thought it ws a kind that could be treated easily. The growth was not attached to any organs. I thought this is good he will be ok. They did more test last week and today the doctors are saying it is in his panacris( not spelled right sorry,) and he is just a matter of time. He told my sister in law he does not know if he will make it to Christmas. How can this be happening. How am I going to tell my kids who are 16 and 7. That know after losing their Dad they are now going to lose there grandfather. Barrys dad passed away when he was 15 and his mom remarried a few years befor we married. So he is the only grandfather on Barrys side that my kids have ever known. This will be hard enough on the Adults after losing my husband but why does my kids have to go though this pain again only 2 1/2 years later. The other thing is that in July my younger sister who is only 47 found out that she has cancer also. She is going though chemo now. The doctor says she should to well. I sure pray so. I need Barry here more that ever. How am I going to get though this without him? I have been crying today and my heart is aching so bad. This will be the second time that my mother-in-law will be a widow and she lost her son. I need lots of prayers for my family right now. Thanks for listening.

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Kim i am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I know how important they are my own dad passed away about 18 month after Joe and I married 33 years ago, and Joe's dad stepped in and became like a second father to me. "Dad" left us about 18 month ago now after battling cancer for years, he was very tired but it was like loosing my dad all over again. My mom left us 12 years ago and now my mother in law seems so frail since 1st her husband and now her son have passed. Please know that my heart is with you in this very difficult time.

Kim Hawkins said:
Well today has not been a good day. I have missed Barry so much today. I went to my parents but felt alone in a house full of people. Went to the cemetery and cried. My kids decided to sleep out tonight. My 7 year old at my parents and my 16 year old at a friends. So I was sitting here when the phone rang it was my Mother in Law. She said my Father in Law wanted to talk to me. He got on the phone and said to me he wanted to tell the kids and me bye. That he loved us and didnt think it would be long now. My heart is broken . I need Barry herre so bad right now. He was always my rock when it came to things like this. I am crying so hard I think I need to go lay down. Please keep us in your prayers.
Dear Kim Hawkins:

I am very sorry to hear about all the things that you and your family are going through. I can only imagine how you may feel. Please know that in times of distress, Jehovah God is the "hearer of prayers" (Psalm 65:2). As a matter of fact he encourages us to "throw all of our anxieties upon him because he cares for us" (1 Peter:5:7). We all look forward to the time when "No resident will say, I am sick" (Isaiah 33:24). May you find comfort in the Bible's promises during this difficult time. Kyle
Sending you strength today as I have some extra.


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