To all my friends I have to tell you all about an angel I have come upon.  This woman by the name of Carrie Pike makes teddy bears from the shirts or other clothing of our loved ones and with the remnants that are left she can make heart ornaments for your christmas tree.  I sent her 3 shirts that my Frank wore.  One for each of my children that had a special meaning to each child.  Frank had a black shirt with lines going through it that my son used to call "Dads Static Shirt", and pastel striped shirt that my middle daughter used to call "Daddys Skittle Shirt" and a yankee shirt that my little one used to like.  With the remnants she is making me a patchwork bear of all three.  These will be a lasting treasure for not only me but my children and I hope you will all find these a great comfort to you.  Please look at her website .  I have not affiliation with her other than her making these bears for me and I have to tell you because although they make me cry I actually have something to hug when a day is especially hard.  Peace be with you all.  Love Renee

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Renee I am so sorry for you loss. You and your children will treasure those bears and all the sweet memories they bring. There will be lots of tears but it will be good for all of you. How sweet, something to hold on to. It gives me a warm feeling just thinking of it. Thank you for sharing that idea. Take care and peace be with you. Love Yvonne


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