i am sorry if i offended anyone witth my discussion regarding to  much on ones plate i did not mean to. i  just said what was told to me about god to take some of our sorrow off our plate in other words we can handle so much again sorry for offending you. i also took the discussion off the website so i do not offened anyone else

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Kasthy, We can't worry about offending anyone, when we are just expressing ourselves, our feelings, and our pain, and our steps in this journey we are on. This is what this site is for, to be able to grieve and share, and give each other encourgement and hugs. So i'm sorry if anyone gets offended also but everyone is different and deals with things differently,we should not be afraid to post how and what we are feeling. and we shouldn't feel the need to delete anything. HUGS to all
I agree with Virginia, Kathy. We express ourselves and our opinions and how we are coping on this site. What we say is in no way intended to offend anyone. There will be differant opinions because we are all coming from differant backgrounds and values and beliefs. Some of us are dealing with more devistation that others. Some of us had to deal with our loved one being ill for a long time and some for some of us, our loss was sudden. Never the less we have been devistated. Our opinions will vary and this is why this site is important to all of us. Through all of this we can maybe somehow benefit. At least we all understand, care and share.Hugs to all. Hugs are good.
Kathy, I don't think you have to worry about offending anyone, we are all here for the same reason, maybe different circumstances but we all need each other. I know I do! I would have never gotten as far as I have without all of you. We all need to vent and write what we are feeling. Some are farther along in their journey than others and the new members can benefit from the others. If we can't let our feelings out here, then where can we?? Hugs to you!


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