It was so much harder than i thought just seeing hanging ligature strangulation suicide all there in black and white.................

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OMG!!! HERE WE MEET AGAIN! :( my husband did the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death certificate i still look at and cry! Im soooooooo sad!

My dear Jessica ...

I wish I could give you a huge hug right now because I know the feeling of seeing the death certificate.  That piece of paper finalizes it.  I went through over a year of red tape with our government and I'm still dealing with a little.  Most of it was government channels losing the death certificate or some other piece of important paper.  I still get mail in my Ernie's name and I start to cry all over again and it's been over a year now since his death.  Go with the flow Jessica; cry; hit something or yell if you want too.  One thing I found in myself was going for walks where it is peaceful and I could cry if I wanted too and I felt peace come over me. 

Please keep posting us as we are all here to give you and each other all the support our hearts can give.



Dear Jessica - the Death Certificate, a "factual" document, truncates a life and the events leading up to the ending of that life - "ligature strangulation suicide" does _not_ incorporate all the features of your life with your beloved - all the emotions, the things you went through together. Or why he chose to take his life and leave you. I'm pulled up every time I look at Byron's Death Certificate, which says, "Alcoholic Cirrhosis". And most people, upon seeing that will conclude that he was merely an alcoholic that drank himself to death. And on a certain level, that would be factual. The actual story is somewhat more complex - I never saw him impaired, but he mixed gin and water to reduce the swelling in his hands and joints from the severe psoriatic arthritis he suffered - that, and taking Tylenol, as well - did his liver in. I do wish I'd gotten him into treatment sooner, but he hated/loathed/excoriated/despised/could not stand/did I mention that he hated doctors, hospitals and anything to do with them? It was only at the very end, when he couldn't fight me anymore, that he was seen by several specialists - and by that time, it was too late.
Those three words: "ligature strangulation suicide" - you know the _life_, the _pain_ and even the _love_ behind them.

Blessings, peace and comfort be upon you - Yaca Attwood Perkins

I know how you feel my husband pass away 3weeks on yesterday and i miss him so much i don't know what to do with myself.

brenda ortiz said:

OMG!!! HERE WE MEET AGAIN! :( my husband did the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death certificate i still look at and cry! Im soooooooo sad!


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