Hi. 2 weeks ago tonight I was sleeping with my fiancé in my arms for what would end up being the last time. Her legs were sore so I made a late night trip to Walmart for icy hot. She coated her legs and was sticking to the sheets. She laughed that she was going to have to wash them tomorrow...... It was about 6:45 in the evening while I was on the phone with my mom (using earbuds with a mic) that there was a knock on the door. It was the sheriff. He said he had some bad news for me. And with my mom on the phone he explained that Angela was in a car accident. I couldn't believe what I was hearing as the gravity of the situation unfolded before me. She had went to Springfield to spend the afternoon with her boys (a hour and 45 min drive). On the way home she crossed the yellow line and was hit by a semi truck. I had taken my boys to the YMCA. I was first notified. I made arrangements for my boys and started making calls as I rushed to the crash site..... We had met online on January 7th 2013. We met in person on 1-11-13. We fell in love on 1-11-13. We had a moment n the car on way back to her place after going to dinner where she was kissing my hand and I was singing with the radio "I've been looking for you baby". As we parked at her apartment complex I asked if I could kiss her, and then without waiting on an answer I kissed her. The song was El Cerrito Place. She loved so compassionately as do I and that combination made our love grow so strong so quickly. She moved in with me and my kiddos on Feb 3rd. On march second back at that same restaurant with el Cerrito place placing on my iPad I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. This was moving quicker than both of us had ever experienced! I had this crazy idea that we could get married at the Kenny Chesney concert in Kansas City on June 15 of this year so that "our song" could have a strong presence in our wedding. I contacted the radio station and after a couple weeks was shocked when they agreed to wed us at the concert. I surprised her with the news and she was estatic. But time was short and lots to do so we got busy...... But as I raced to the crash site I talked to her mom for the first time (Angela didn't get along with her family). I really just wanted to see Angela, but as a fiancé I have no rights to anything. I got there and the accident investigation team was still onsite. They stopped and painstakingly walked me through the events. My world ended with every detail. I'm a detail person. I needed the details. I wanted the truth. It was instant. But she was out there for two hours and I was just living life like normal while the love of my life was taken away from me. I had texted her because I expected her to be home. I called and left a voice message when my text went unnoticed (she very good about not texting and driving). She always yells at me for texting and demands I put my seatbelt on. She's an ICU nurse and saw a lot of bad things.
She has fainted 4 times the last 3 weeks; twice being at work (in the hospital) and they rushed her down to the ER. First time she was admitted and several tests were ran but produced no answers. She wore a heart monitor for 24 hours just 5 days prior, but follow up doc visit was a couple weeks out. I'm sure she fainted that day. I went to Springfield that day but drove separate due to kid activities schedules. Oh, how I so regret that. How could I not have the foresight to question the logic of her driving.

She was this perfect person and I just a country boy (I'm 38). She a city girl, graduated with an RN degree from KU. Her faith was extremely important to her; I hadn't been to church in over a year. Always had to be all fixed up. Taking no less than 2 hours to get ready no matter the occasion. She would always sing "she loves me like Jesus". And that song seemed spot on. Oddly enough Eric Church (singer of that song) is one of the opening acts of the Kenny concert. Now, I've experienced the greatest love ever and then lost it before it could be fully enjoyed. I miss her continuously. Life is empty without her.

Thanks for "listening"

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Your story made me cry, such a tragedy, I'm just so sorry (when we on here say "I'm sorry, we really mean it, as we are travelling the road of grief with you).  My broken heart is feeling your broken heart.  Its been nearly a year since I lost my beloved Don.  I'll be praying for you, that you'll be able to find some peace and comfort in your heart.  God Bless.

Christopher, you will continue to continuously miss her, My Wife of 31yrs passed 18 months ago, I think of her constantly...I've been around the block more than a few times, and thought I was stronger, I was wrong. They say I will find "new me" a new life, I loved our old life, and having a hard time with acceptance. We all or I should say I have a lot "ifs, I should've done that, or should've done that" All the things we did together I can't do anymore, to many memories of us.

    I'm truly sorry for your loss, you've come to the right place, you need people that understands the gravity of your heartache, and the understanding. There really is no way that someone that isn't or hasn't been through losing our better halves. That's where grieve groups (meetings) come into play. We will never get over our loss but we need to be able to cope and go on. Thats what my Wife wanted for me to do...its just easier said than done. You've come to the right place "Birds of feather flock together". This group is our bird flock..




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