I lost my boyfriend and the father of my baby on 27 May,he died in a car accident. The death happened 2 days after we celebrated my 26th birthday, and at the time of his passing our daughter had just turned a month. My daughter is 7 weeks old now,and when I look at her I break down. I don't know how I'm going to do thhis on my own. I was excited bout being a new mother cos I had him,now that he is gone and I'm all alone in this, I just feel so lost and empty. Its still fresh and still feels like I am watching sum1 else go thru this and that at anytime I can wake up and he will still be here, but with every passing day I get to realise that he iss not coming back and itt hurts so bad.
He was my world,my best friend...we did everything together and all of a sudden I have to get used to doing things by myself. Sum days I get angry @ him for leaving me with a new baby who will sadly never get to know her father,other days I am gr8ful for him leaving me with a baby cos everytime I look at her I see him and she will always be a reminder of the great love her dad n I shared. But its so hard right now, practically cry myself tto sleep everynight and have so many questions but nobody to ask!

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Dear Carol, Such a tragedy I am sorry for the loss of your husband.  At a special time in your life when you are just starting a family I am sure it is overwhelming and then some.  The people on this website will be here for you to answer your questions, to help you cope with your grief and to offer support to help you as the healing process moves forward. Just love that little baby with all your heart because she will grow up very quickly and I am sure that you would want her to be a happy child.  I had one girlfriend when I was your age her husband was an air force pilot and he was killed while Nancy was pregnant,  she raised that boy by herself and I  think she remarried later in life.  We can't know why such senseless things happen.  Life is so fragile, for now try to take care of yourself and your baby.  Pray for strength to get thru each new day.  Maybe start a scrapbook and begin planning for the day that your daughter will want to know more about her Dad.  I will keep you and all the members of the group in my prayers daily.    Janice

Dear Carol,

So much has happened to you but we are all here to help you through it. Remember, that beautiful baby was his gift to you. She represents the love you 2 have. Hold her close to you. One day with the help of others you will be able to share with her how special her Dad was and how he is looking out for both of you. Hugs and kisses


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