This Friday  a friend of mine, a single mother whose only child is away at space camp for 10 days are going to go to a Counrty Western Bar. We are only going to relax and enjoy the music and watch the danceing,but I'm hoping this is the right thing to do, I'm kinda looking forward to it but am having reservations about it, .I guess I'm just not sure it's the right thing to do at this time. There's no question it's going to bring back memories, early in our relationship we loved going out and dancing and having a few drinks,then we just went to dance untill they started charging the same $ for a soda as they did for a mixed drink so we quit going then it turned into YEP bingo lol then staying home and enjoying each other, well at least  I know.if there's a problem my friend will bring me home when I want, so I think I'm going ????

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With everything that has been thrown your way, never forget we are all here for you. We can't take your pain away, but we can be here to share your hurt.

Randolph L. Schrader said:
Virginia, I will be checking the newspaper headlines anyway. I hope that I have helped the people on this site as much as they have helped me. With all of the devistation that has befallen me, I find thats its awfully hard to keep my chin up. I dont think I can be any lower than rock bottom but I am here to tell you that there is such a place. And it sucks big time. Hugs to all. Hugs are good.
virginia: do whatever you feel is right we all need to get out sooner or later. i would be good for you i know i go out shopping with my sister and her friends i need this your friend is also in the same sitution as you are except she is a single mother and you lost you spouse.i say go and enjoy yourself this is a tru friend if she takes you home when you want to good luck let me know how it turns out
Thanks everone, you know I will let you know how it goes good or bad but, don't be alarmed if I'm not on earley in the morning saturday, I'll probally be sleeping late. I intend to have a good time and the nut I'm going with is alot of fun,she's busting my hump saying I'll get hit on before her and if so she is leaving me there lol it seem to happen when we are together and I'm deff. not looking . I'm hoping we will have a good time if nothing else we will have a good laugh and a night out ,I can't immange leaving the house at 9 p m and we are like school girls about what to wear lol I'm thinking jeans and a nice shirt and sandles one friend say we must go as cow girls boots hat and a frilly country shirt that ain't happening lol. Thank for all the encuragement. hugs to all.
Go, and have a great time!


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