hi i am mary i lost my sister and my dad this year.it very hard for me i cant get on with my life

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It is so hard to comprehend, I read your post and I feel the same way, only losing my Mother 15 months ago.  My Dad has been gone for 12 years, I go back over and over my life!  I wonder if happiness true happiness will be with me.  I often wish I had a sister but I have a brother and he loves me.  But he doesn't grieve like I do, maybe because he has a family and is a hard worker.  He doesn't have the time to think about the lose.  I wake up thinking about Mom, I have a hard time going through her things!  Where he just throws them out,  not even thinking its a part of her.  I quess we all grieve differantly,  I just feel very alone in this world...hoping we all find peace in knowing we will meet them again someday!

hi cindy.yes it hard i ciring all the time. i miss my we sister i cant phone her no more,and as for my mum and dad.it like the end of the word for me.i hope i do meet them someday i am mad at god. what he dun to me, i am a good woman not a bad one.thank you for getting back to me,


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