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Niece Passed away Oct 2005 and now her mother is fighting for her life.

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Comment by Barbara Roth on November 2, 2010 at 8:50pm
I'm glad I found this site. My husband passed away Oct.21 after battleing lung cancer. He was diagnosed last Dec. In Jan. he had his left lung removed, did chemo --they said they got it all. In June they found a mass on his spine. More surgery, then radiation. In Aug. cancer had spread to his remaining lung. More chemo, Sept. 20th,c-scan and bone scan showed the tumors were shrinking. Oct. he caught a bug, c-scan showed the cancer had taken over once again. Jim fought so hard, all he would say is " another bump in the road". I love and miss him so much. Wish cancer would get cancer and die.
Comment by Diana McNeely on October 19, 2010 at 9:30am
Glad to have found this site. My life has been very different since I first found out my dad had lung cancer in 2002. He had a lobectomy and is still in remission. Sorry to say my sister found out she had small cell lung cancer in the summer of 2006 and fought a hard battle and died March 2007. My mother found out she had lung cancer in 2009 and passed away from pneumonia from treatment on April 2010. I too believe that lung cancer is way underfunded and stigmatized (Sp) The symptoms and signs are just not talked about like all the other cancers. I wish I had the motivation to do something, but can't seem to be able to get through the day, let alone try to change something. I have done a trial with the Lung Cancer Alliance who are working on finding a gene like breast cancer. I feel like nothing will ever be normal again. Thanks for listening and I hope everyone hangs in there.
Comment by Lisa Benningfield on September 12, 2010 at 7:57pm
My dad passed away June 13, 2008 from lung cancer. He even had a lobectomy to try and get it. It was 2 days before Father's Day. On FD we went and bought a magnolia tree (he loved scented trees and flowers), and planted it in my backyard. It is "daddy's tree". We just buried my brother 2 days ago, he passed Sept. 4 from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia..he was 33 w a 7 yr old son. This has been hard on my mom and we're frozen in time. My brother was SO SUDDEN..he developed pneumonia in the hospital while on a 6 day round of chemo..I wonder if he hadn't went in for them to try and put him in remission to do a BMT how much longer would he have had? I am so angry, and broken hearted. I lost my 2 best friends within a couple of years of each other. How much can 1 family take?
Comment by Fernandohulya on June 19, 2010 at 5:52pm
My Baby Fernando pas.... on the 25/02/10 from lung cancer stage 4 with mets. He fought so hard against cancer for us and at the end the Dr refused any treamtents. From his diagnosis to his treatment we both were in a nightmare and I am still in it and where is he?
We do not know if there is a cure or not but the fact is that Lung Cancer is so underfunded and is full of stigma. I miss him so much, it feels like the half of me is dead and the other half is lifeless. Father's day is coming and we, my children and I, are suffering.
Cancer has to disappear forever!!! I am so angry with the Dr and with the world!
Comment by Dotti on March 24, 2010 at 8:12pm
I lost my husband on 2/27/10 from stomach and liver cancer. We found out on 2/1/10 and 3 weeks later he was gone. With all the money we send to other countries, how come there is not a cure for cancer? My husband also died at home as that was his wish. Sometimes I feel so confused, how come this had to happen to us? We never bothered anyone, we were good people. This is so unfair. My heart is so broken.
Comment by Mary Carter on March 21, 2010 at 11:27pm
I lost my partner, my best friend, my confidant and the love of my life to a horrible disease on February 6, 2010. He battled metastatic stage 4 lung cancer for almost 2 years and died a horrible death in our home. I think of him ALL the time and then I see the horrible way he died. I don't know how to start dealing with all of my feelings.
Comment by white dove on March 20, 2010 at 6:04pm
Dear Michelle, Our prayers go out for u in this horrible time. And prayers are said for everyone here in that we some day will pick up just tiny slivers of who we once were...
Comment by white dove on March 20, 2010 at 6:01pm
Our dear friend passed on 11-1 of leukemia/liver failure. Thank u to anyone that may have said prayers for him during his most horrific times. I just wish someone was with him holding his hand........ We love u Pat! See u later!
Comment by Michelle on October 30, 2009 at 10:12pm
Today had to have been the absolute worst day of my life! My sister passed away from Lung Cancer on 10~28 and today we had the funeral. Her name is Natalie Smith Blakeslee she was a medium. This has been very hard for me because she was the big sis and always looked up to her, and we lost her daughter Carrie in 2005 to Leukemia. Still trying to figure out why 2 beautiful people were taken from us. I do hate that word Cancer. God give me the strength to help my mom and my 2 others sister get through this... I miss her so much already.
Comment by white dove on October 19, 2009 at 11:10am
Please, i would like to ask all who read this board to send prayers for our dear friend who was told this morning they cannot do anymore treatment for his Leukemia/Liver failure. He is an angel in human form and has been thru so much already.... His name is Pat and i pray hard for his pain to stop and a healing of any type!!! Thanks to all!

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