I met my dearest friend 22 years ago by accident and we remained friends of for 22 years until his passing this last April. He and I became intimate with one another within the last 6 years and this last year he was diagnosed with Cancer and I stepped up and took care of him. We saw each other over the years as friends that had failed marriages and then we decided 6 years ago to take our friendship to the next level knowing that we had an excellent relationship with each other.
He requested that I stay with him one evening over night and I gave him his request but as I was on my way the next morning to get my son he passed away peacefully in his sleep. I loved him with all my heart and he loved me but never really showed it until the night before he passed away asking me to marry him and I did respond to his proposal of yes but gives us two more years together and then we will. He was happy but sad to hear two more years I wanted to make sure my children had a chance to know him like I knew him. The first week he was gone I returned to church and did lots of praying for him to be at peace within himself knowing someday I will be reunited with him again. Praying and talking to grief counselors assisted me as I was dealing with his estate issues and family.
I hope he knows deep down I did care for him more then I showed because of his fear of intimacy he had although we showed it a lot towards his end time.

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