My Daddy died suddenly 3 wks ago, his loss has been an unbelievable emotional toll. Our mother died at just 26 yrs old, much to young for such a vibrant loving woman. We were very small children when she passed on and my Daddy was the only parent we knew. He was an awesome man and raised us as best he could, he would do anything for you - he was such a helping man. I know now they are once again together - this is what he longed for, our Mommy for 34 yrs long years. I love him dearly and miss him so bad!
Days after he passed I kept having dreams of him, in them he is alive - happy and laughing as he always had. The dreams made me cry when woke as I realized he is not here anymore. Then two nights ago I drempt being in the ICU room - it was all the same and he had already gone. I was holding his hand and crying for him when he opened his eyes wide turned and looked straight at me then gasped for air this is when I awoke so scared!
Why am I having these dreams - what are they trying to tell me?

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I had dreams to about my mom after she died. and in the very first dream. she was very young and she just smiled and waved at me.. That was comforting to me. I was sad too, cuz she is not here to talk to me when i need her. In your dreams you say that he is happy. So he might be trying to let you know. he is happy. The dreams in the ICU are prolly dreams you dont want to rember cuz they are the sad times. I believe that dreams are your past,present, future, fears and your expectations. The nightmare is prolly the bad memories you want to forget. I will pray for you that things get better. I lost my mom December 30, 2008 and the pain is still there. i really like that song by Alan Jackson "Sissy's Song. she is with the angels. and for your dad, he is up there with her too.
K, I'm so sorry for the loss of your Dad......I know that Dreams always have been a way for me to work through things, but sometimes they don't make sense right away. keeping a dream journal can really help you go back later and see how things may fit together. I have had many dreams since my dad passed away last february- His "visits" have showed me that he is happy, his passing was just as he wanted it to be and he was ready. He showed me what it would have been like if he had lived to an even older age, and I could not have beared to see him that way. Each day brings me some little thing that helps me understand a liitle more, helps me cope better, and see how everything is part of Gods plan. Your Mom went on her journey ahead of you so long ago, and now you can know that both of your parents are waiting to greet you again someday. They arn't really gone, they are somewhere else and our lives are really just a blink in time. It amazes me how quickly it flies past. Take care, and try to find peace , Jen


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