I have posted this question before and thanks to the people who have responded but, IM not having any luck. My best friend, my hero, my beautiful Mom passed away November 3, 2009. The pain is horrible! and I cry everyday, I miss her SO MUCH!! I visit her grave a few times a week, and IM so blessed to have so many friends who are supportative and caring, as well as my faith have kept me going. I really want to get into some type of live support group? does anyone have any recomenndations? I live in Las Vegas. Thanks, Henry

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Hi Henry, I am so sorry about your loss. What caused your mom's death??? I am a good listener and it gives me some comfort in knowing I can help someone else deal w/such a difficult situation. my name is Kathi and I live in Olympia Wash.
dear henry iam so sorry for your losof your beloved mom i do know how it hurts and the pain you fe et me tell you this first you have not lost your beloved mom but you gave her back to our lord so you see sweety she is not lost att all but looking down on you so proud and happy she had you i think our pain is one off these thinks we cant reallyever undestand exept you know i cant let it go you see my own best friend and and most beloved person my dearest mom left me whis a brocken heart ever sins then iam the one who is lost i have no one to really talk to but i have learned to live whis that on my own but there is something i think i can give you for a bit off compfort wen you give your self a bit timeand you tears will dry you will find it a bit easer day by day wen someone is blessed to be loved so much that we will cry and grieve so very much believe me it is alwais hard but you will ease in to exepting that she is right here whis you try to listen and you can hear her talking to you please dont think iam crazy but my mom came just ones to tell me dont kcry iam not dead i just went home i know you dont know me but if you need me i would be honort to help you wen ever you need to cry i listen you get angry i will listen ok smile for you and bless you and your biggest love momlook up in to the night sky you will see the brighest star in the sky love manuela
henry, i'm looking for the same thing in Metairie, La. i feel the need to air out my pain and grief with others going through this. i too miss my mom each and every hour of the day. cannot think about her without crying and cannot go beyond the day i'm in. i'm afraid of every tomorrow.
Call the united way (here, the # is 211) and ask for bereavement groups, check with AARP, or a local church-even if you're not a member. I am so sorry for your loss, this is a hard struggle, peace to you through this.
I have found thiese podcasts helpful for my grief, (open to hope foundation- "healing the greiving heart", and "Mom's Halo"
Live Support can be gotten through Hospice.
Good Luck with live support.

I wish I could help...I also just lost my mother, actually its been 11 days now..god I can't believe I won't see her again!! I am in NC, perhaps there is some type of support group in your area, if not maybe you could start one?

Wish I had a better answer for you.
I am thinking of opening a forum that is set up in a way that is much easier to follow a conversation or start a new one. Would any of you be interested? Email me at lilyswawan@gmail.com if you are and I'll set it up and send you the link.

We could form our own support group amongst ourselves and make friends in the process. I think it would help all of us.

Henry... I'm so sorry you also lost your mother. It's the hardest thing I've had to deal with in my life. Know that we are all here for you. Also, call your local hospital about grief support groups, most offer them free.

Hi all. There is a support group that may be meeting in your areas. Go to griefshare.org. There you will be able to search for meetings near you. It is a biblical based group that lasts 13 weeks. I attended one near me. I will attend again when a new session is offered. It was very close in time to my losses and at that point I was numb. On the night of July 11, 2009, my husband passed away. My mother passed away before day on july 14, 2009. I had shut down my emotions when I began the group in September. By the time I was beginning to face things it was the end of the group.

It did help and I feel it will be helpful to participate again. Also, sign up for the daily e-mails. I look forward to them.


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