Happy Birthday today to my Dad. I sure do miss him. My Dad was the type of man that was firm, but fair and very loving and supportive. If you ever needed a laugh or someone to listen is was the go to person for me. Worked very hard to make sure my family and I were well taken care of. He could do it all from yard work, to washing clothes, to cooking the best meals you ever ate. You know the people from the south can cook up a storm. Very supportive with my athletic events, school events, and life events. Never one to be to critical, but just knew the right words to say to put you at ease. He wasn't easy on my sister and I growing up, but I do not take anything back for the discipline and values given have made me the person who I am today. My father strong as an Lion, never complained and just took care of what needed to be done. While growing up I always use to ask alot of questions, especially the question starting off with "Why". Why do I have to do this, Why do I have to do that, Why to have to go to school? His words were because I'm telling you and because it's for your own good. I can say even afar he was the man that lit the fire in the belly to get me going. A true inspiration.

My father first caught pneumonia in Jan 2009. He was in and out of the hospital for the whole year, diagnosed with MDS, Kidney Renal Failure, Anemic and before all that he already had the Gout and Diabetes. They found a spot in his lung and it turned out to be Cancer. He went through radiation treatment and came along fine, but it was tough on him. The Dr.'s found another spot in his brain which spread from his lung. He went through radiation again, but this one was really tough on him. The Dr.'s said he had 6 weeks to live and this was the day before Thanksgiving of 2009. Man was this rough to hear the most important person in your life was going away forever. I myself was having a tough time accepting it and I could imagine my father's feelings. I was dealing with this, an MBA program, which I finished right before Thanksgiving, recovering from an bad car accident I was in back in September of 2007, being supportive to my family, etc. I know my father hated the hospital and the best place he would want to pass was at home. Well that's what we did, we cared for him at home. My Mom was the sole care provider with my sister and I helping out. It was really hard on us 3. Going through all this I received a DUI in October of 2009 and I am still dealing with it. My father even being ill kept asking how is your court, if I wasn't there at the house he would ask my Mom or my sister. On January 6th was my court date and my Dad remembered and asked me how it went. I told him, "everything would be okay Dad." He was afraid to die and I remember him saying why do I have to suffer, I hope Him is able to help me out (referring to God). To see a strong man just suffer and deteriorate was not a good sight, it was really hard on us. To top it off he also had Dementia and it was getting worse.

We were able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years with him. Then I received the call from work on a Friday afternoon from my sister. It was the 8th of January. I had just spoke to my Mom to ask him how he was doing and she said he hadn't moved from his sleep since Wednesday night, which was the last night I saw him alive. That Thursday I was becoming ill so I didn't go over to my parents house, but I went to work early Friday to get out early to go see him. My sister had called me back 30 minutes later from when I called my Mom and said, "Dad is gone." I just froze. I couldn't believe my Dad was gone.

One of the reasons it seemed like he waited up until my court date was to make sure everything was okay. I made the promise to him never to Drink and Drive again and I have kept my promise. He had a well deserved viewing with family and friends and was put to rest with Military Honors. He is in heaven now resting in peace with no pain and suffering. I miss and love him dearly. At first it seemed as if he was on vacation or in the hospital, but now it's really starting to sink in because this is the longest I have went without seeing or talking to my Dad, even when I was stationed overseas. Boy I sure to miss him and love him dearly. He is my Beacon of Light, my Inspiration, my Motivation, and last but not least the Best Dad any kid could have. Even though I am 30 I will always be the kid in my Dad's eyes. RIP and Happy 71st Birthday. Well deserved and I could honestly say my Dad lived a great and full life.

I have read this book called "Life Changing Moments"-Thin Threads and there are a few stories smilar to mine that has helped.


"When the going gets tough the tough get going, but it's the toughest that never stopped."

Love your # 1 fan,


A link that will always be on:


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Thank you for the tribute to your Dad. I am so sorry for the great loss you are experiencing. He sounded like an amazing man. I lost my Dad too, ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. We took care of him at home too, and I was 9 months pregnant with my 5th baby. I was trying to lift him and do all of these things. It was so painful. Even now. He died 1 year ago March 23rd. Just know that you are not alone.


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