It's been just about a year since my mom passed away, and the emptiness is so deep, I really don't know what to do. I don't have my Dad, he passed away in 2001.I'm new to this sight , I think I could get alot out of it.

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hi there.... I feel your pain and emptiness... I have lost both my parents, my mom was in 2005 and my dad was 2009 just before christmas. I feel angry towards my mom and her death and very empty and lost in regards to my dads.... I find myself crying at the drop of a hat and very angry all the time. I am young myself and d not know how to cope. I have no other family except for my husbands family and it just isnt the same. I hope we can chat again and help eachother

I think you will enjoy having the support of others who are willing to work on the acceptance of this trauma. My mom had Alzheimers for eight years, she was able to stay at home, with the help of my family, but she had a great sense of humor despite her health issues. She also remembered all her children's names. There was seven girls in my family. But, I remember saying she might live to 110, you never know!!!! She passed away December 5th, and this was the first year in a long time I did not go home for Thanksgiving. I did get to chat with her on the phone briefly. Truly my mom was a cheerleader for the whole gang. I do have my day, and he seems to be OK, he's the type that life goes on, just so he is on his schedule. Friends, family, and strangers can help you. Making peace with a loss of a parent, sure knocked me for a loop. I have a low tolerance for everything, and seem to always be on an emotions roller coaster. I am so sorry that both your parents are gone, but usually mom's and daughters for the most part seem like they are closes. I could depend on Mom, a lot. I am sad and worry if I told her I appreciated her enough! I hope we all can make peace, and be a better person to those who are grieving. Take care!
PS I meant dad when I typed day, that may make more sense! Sorry
All I can say it is a huge loss. My dear mother passed away Nov. 29, 2009 and I'm just accepting the death. At first I was in shock and didn't feel anything, then the day after the funeral, I was living in shock, I couldn't beleive it had happend. The death, the funeral and now I'm living with the hurt and missing her.
It's hard to describe the magnitude of the pain of her being gone. Just keep prayinh for yourself and your strength. Take care of yourself, put yourself first and keep living the best you can and cry all that you need to, don't worry about making others uncomfortable


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