my dad died in september - 2 weeks after his 71st birthday and after 9 days in hospice. he fought lung cancer for 9 months, and once the doctors said there was nothing more they could do, it was as if his body heard the news and just gave up. although he was by that point a walking skeleton who has suffered far too long, it was astounding how he went from actually walking around to being completely bed bound, hallucinating, and incoherent -- within 2 days! the doctor warned us the decline would be rapid; it was just horrifying to actually witness.


my mom and i never left his side during those 9 days. althought there were some sacred moments as we witnessed the dying process, it was also torture. now, 3 months later, i cannot get the vivid images of his dying face out of my mind.


my heart goes out to all of my fellow sad people on this christmas day. thank you for listening.

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My heart goes out 2 you " P ",It has been 2 1/2 months since I lost my dad. He was on hospice for 23 days . The 1st 18 days there was no big changes , only slowly declining.He had a fall N after that fall he was gone 5 days later. Even b4 he went on hospice he had hallucinations , mostly of people that had already past , he saw my 2 sisters, 1 who had passed away N 1970 N the other who had passed only 10 months b4. The 1st week he was on hospice , I had a priest come 2 pray 4 him.When the priest ended his prayers, N gave my dad his blessings , my dad rose his hands N the air as if he were reaching out , he said that he saw his own dad. His dad had passed away N 1935, my dad was a young teen when that occured. 1 night as I walk thru my dads room he was asleep but both his arms were reaching out N the air. Then 1 nite while I sat @ his bedside  he reached out his hands as if he were shaking hands with many different people, then he made the sign of the cross and started speaking 2 someone, he said "can U take me & my son at the same time " We were having a hard time saying good-bye,2 one another.On the day he passed I felt so strongly that he was gonna pass while I slept so I turned the recliner 2 face him,I sat N fell asleep ,looking @ him.When I awoke 2 hrs later he had passed.I 2 have those images of those horrible last days.But I am thankful for those blessed memories that I witnessed.Take Care........FREDDIE...He passed on his great gsons bday,was cremated on another greatgsons bday and was buried on my bday.
bless you.  may god protect and keep you.    thinking of you. Gaile
My heart goes out to you.  I lost my dad November 6th to a heart attack which i was not home but my mom and my fiance were there and witnessed and the next time i saw my dad was at hospital already gone and on table.  With tubes still taped to his mouth and eyes were half open.  Every time i lay down at night that is the image i have.  Wish i didnt have to see that image but i did and it hurts everyday. 
My Dad died 11 years ago, he too had lung cancer, and had hospice for 7 months.  On the day he died, I told my co-worker, it wasn't time yet, but I knew he was going to die that day.  All the signs were there.  That night I went to his home, had dinner, watched Wheel of Fortune, then Mom and I went upstairs to their bedroom.  He just died.  He looked so peaceful.  I called everyone.  Once the funeral people were there, they told us to go upstairs one last time to say goodbye.  So say I was shocked on how he looked after a couple of hours is an image that still stays with me.  I lost my Mom almost a year ago.  That was truly awful, she was on all kinds of machines, and we asked to pull them out, so that she could die in peace.  My best friend called me that night to let me know.  I just couldn't go through witnessing another parent dying.
I know what you mean. I watched my mother die and the pain in her face. I had never seen anybody die before. I thought because it was my mother it would be okay. I was wrong. All I see now is the pain on her face. Look like a peice of my soul died with here that last day.
I know how you feel, I keep seeing muy mom staring, unblinking, mouth open barely breathing it gives me nightmares. I try to replace the pic in my head with a good thought of her but no matter what all i see in my head is her face. I doubt the pain ever goes away but does it even lessen?

I am SO sorry for your loss.


My dad passed away in July. He was 67-years-old. He had a heart attack. I don't think the doctors wanted to help him. I don't think he wanted to give up. I took care of him which I enjoyed doing. He then got to where he was hallucinating.


My mom had to work so, I was taking care of him. It was a terrible thing but, I didn't mind it. I see his face and it makes me cry.


It has been a few months now since I lost my dad. It was really surprising. He was slowly going down hill.


He started having hallucinations soon after. He would see me and my two brothers, my oldest passed away. The other is still alive.


Our preacher came to pray for him. His dad passed away in May.







My dad passed away in Nov 2009.  He had a stroke in Sept & was gone 2 mo later.  He died in a nursing home, BUT was coherent until the end.  Unfortunately, I wasn't with him when he died.  Ironic cruely:  I had a sinus infection & didn't want to make him worse lol...soooooo I didn't see him on his last day here on earth!  They say he died of a stroke, but being a Medical Assisant, I wanted to know what happened.  I think he went into respiratory failure.  He was 94 but he was my DAD!!!!!!  I miss him unbelievably right now!  I'm their only child.


Thanks for listening.




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