One of the hardest things is going through a lifetime of cards, and memories!  I feel like everything I throw in the trash, my Mom would of saved or she did save.  I'm having a hard time letting go of Birthday cards and such.  And I think its not fair to my kids to have to go through this someday and find there Nana's and Poppop's cards!  So I have chose to save the most special occasion cards from one another. 

  Yes its hard to let go!  For all of us! We each mourn in differant ways, time spands can go on and on.  But one thing for sure, everyday you wake up you will think about that loved one for the rest of your life~and Thank God you had them in your life!

  So try not to be angry and beat yourself up, they too had to loose loved ones and they are now all together again...Our day will come when God calls us Home!



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I know how you feel Cindy! I had to donate all of my mothers clothes and shoes after her passing! (there was alot) It was heart wrenching! The memories and the feeling you are tossing away in effect the memory of her life and times! But I got through it remembering it is just stuff and not the essence of her! You still have that to hang on to! She loved helping animals (PETA) and other organizations so I donated much of her stuff to "Cause for PAWS" they help animal causes with the proceeds! She would heartily approve of my actions I would think! 

God bless!



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