My amazing mother passed away in January and sometimes it just doesn't feel real.I feel like she still just in the hospital and it scares me that maybe it is going to hit me hard within the next few months-is anyone experiencing anything like this???

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I know exactly how you feel. My mom passed away jan 23 2009 and it still doesn't feel real. She was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in October and within 3 and a half months she was gone. I miss her so much. I cried everyday when she was sick but when she passed I couldn't shed a tear. She always told me not to cry as it brings her pain.I thought well its not real and she will be back. I was numb for a while always imagining that she is with me and that she would never leave me. At the funeral I couldn't shed a tear. It was unbearable going to her grave. My brother tells me the problem is that I am not accepting it and that I have to let her rest in peace. Sometimes life is unbearable and I cry when I think that she is gone. Its just starting to hit me.Acceptance is a hard thing. I am not willing to accept it yet. I lost my dad 19 years ago. I only have one brother,hes married with kids and I'm 37 single and not working so I am having a hard time as I cant stop thinking about her. I think we are not accepting it because its just too painful.
My mom died suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2009. Even now as we come closer to the 1 year anniversary it doesn't feel real, so I don't kow what to tell you. Sometimes I feel like I think of her more now than I did when she was alive. I often think-"Need to tell mom about this" even when in reality its something she would not have been interested in! I have found that as I got through all the "firsts" (first birthday, first mother's day, etc) I am doing better. But the thing is, when I see a picture of her its like a fist slams in to my heart and it seems like she is still (or at least SHOULD BE) alive. Everyone I have talked to says that even after years and years, its still painful. The only difference is the pain becomes bearable.
YEs!!! I think your feelings are normal!. My mom passed December 2, 2009. She was my very best friend and confidant. She lived our home for the last 2 years of her life. She was always the first person I wanted to tell something to. Even now, months later, I find myself going to her room to tell her a bit of news or family gossip, only to be greeted by the site of her empty hospital bed. My two 1/2 year old who was only 18 months when her Grandma died, will even go to her room, crawl up on the bed and ask me "where's Grandma." She's a baby, yet she remembers! Give your self time. Grieve the way you think you should grieve. I don't think it will ever really feel real for me. She was my mom for 42 years. The one person who I knew loved me NO MATTER WHAT! You just don't get over that in a few months!
Love and Prayers,
hi my name is amy my dad passed away sat may 1st of this year from cancer and i miss him very much every day it sill does not seem like my dad is gone it it wrong that i cant bring myself to watch his funeral cd that we made or look at pitures of him yet it just makes my heart ach and i start to cry
Amy, Its too soon, sweetie. My mom has been gone 10 months and I can barely look at her picture without getting tears in my eyes. We all grieve in our own ways and at our own pace, but I don't think what you are feeling is odd at all. Its not wrong to still feel such overwhelming pain. Don't even worry about being wrong about your grief, ok? I still cry for my mom at night. A cliche, I know, but it will/ get better in time. It won't go away,but it will get better. I know it doesn't freel like it now, but trust me.


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