I was very blessed to have my Dad till I was 42yrs. old, Dad always told me Life is for the living!  When we experiance life without our parents we can put a block up a wall so to speak!  When Dad passed I robbed myself of all the things I truely loved and we shared together...I wasted 5 years!  I wore a heavy heart!  After I broke through the wall that blocked me from life, I knew he was always with me in every breath I took!

Now 13yrs later Mom is with him and not only him but God the father. She would say I have more that love me in Heaven than on earth!  On the evening we laid her to rest next to her beloved husband of 60yrs.  I felt peace, that night after her celebration of life the sky lit up with lighting it looked like deer antlers I've never seen lightning going upward and spread accross the sky illuminating the sky with pink cascades.  I knew at that moment she was traveling with her Angels and all there glory!  She was there in the invisable world!  With the one that put her here in the first place...GOD...

I think of the two of them everyday and the life and loved they poured into me and I am grateful to have them...Forever!!!

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What a wonderful letter. Thank you so much for sharing. I know in my life that even though I have had very low times without my parents, it's in the knowing of where they are that makes it easier to accept. I sat on the front porch one late night, pondering you know. I was talking to God and said something to the effect I know that I am not supposed to ask for signs, but I asked anyway to know Mom and Dad were with Him. My brother came home and sat on the porch with me and we were just talking about the folks, when a shooting star blasted over head. My brother did not see it, but I know, oh I know it was the sign I asked for that gave me such a feeling of peace and comfort that my parents are at the right hand of God. My parents also were married for 60 years. My mother passed in 2009 and 8 months later my father passed in 2010. While I don't think it was long enough, I thank God everyday for the time he gave me with these 2 wonderful people. Your dad is right, life is for living. Go out today and do something just for you, knowing your dad is watching over the edge of the clouds, saying "That's MY girl!"

Karen,  Thank you for sharing! Its also nice to know that we are not alone with our thoughts and feelings!

I also look for the signs,  on my Mothers 8th month anniversary in Heaven,  I went to there home stood out on the longest dock.  Which once was church picnic area!  I was praying and talking to God Mom and Dad I couldn't make it to there grave it was this past January.  I too asked for a sign, when I got home a whole flock of Mallords landed in my front yard, one female duck landed in the back. She was looking straight at me...I felt much comfort!!! When we were kids we raised mallord ducks,  I've never seen them at my Home in the 25yrs living here.  The funny thing the last time Mom was at my house she looked out the window and said, you went to the birds and I replied I still love ducks Momma, I still love ducks!  I did feel as though she came with the whole flock!  It has been a strugle for me being I still have a strong hold on there property on the water!  I was always going back and forth from my house to there house being blessed to share my life with my children and my husband.   Going fishing and crabbing, and lots of adventurous times!  My brother and I are sub-dividing her property, the taxes trippled !!! Her and Daddys house is in Ventnor a town down from Atlantic City...they are pushing the locals and seniors out!  Making way for the rich, I know once we sell they will build a slammer!  But to be able to sit on the dock of the bay is a grand and wonderful feeling! Being close to God and my family is all that my heart desires!!! Thanks for reaching out I appreciate it...I miss them dearly as I'm sure you also feel the void, but we will all be together again someday...stay in touch! Thank you again, Cindy


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