I lost my mum through suicide one year ago and I can't seem to get over it. Questioning everything about my last day/night with her and wondering if there could have been anything to prevent this horrible thing happening to me. It's left me in complete turmoil and I even realise I'm not the same person anymore. I just wish there was someone I could speak with who knew about what I'm going through and that I am still grieving for her although I feel people just listen to my story when in reality I want them to know the pain it comes with too because then they could understand me! For example why I'm not like most people my age working and having a life of my own, I'm just this broken person just trying to make it through each day with the agony of the loss of my mum and the flashbacks and painful memories it brings with it that happened that unforgettable day! If anyone can relate feel free to message me I would like the chance to speak with someone who knows what I'm going through. 

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