I recently lost  both my parents. My mom passed away Dec 19th and was laid to rest Christmas Eve of 2014. It was the most devastating pain. My heart physically hurts. She and dad were devout Catholics.

Here is my story:  We spent our last Thanksgiving of 2014. My mom requested to pray before we ate as every year. This time we prayed n the living room. She lead the prayer. The following day she was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. She was transferred to San Antonio, TX after a two week hospital stay. 

One morning I went to go see her. She smiled and said, "what a beautiful face". She held her hand for me to go to her. She kissed my forehead.  The doctor told me that she was very sick and needed to call my family. I broke down like no words can explain. I asked her, "mom, do you see God"? She replies, "Yes". I ask, what is he saying to you"? She replies, "I am the way , The Truth, and The Life".  She said, "only God knows when I will leave". She was able to have all the family present to visit. On Friday Jan 19th. I went to the hospital and mom was not responding.  The doctor said, she will not make it by the end of the day. I called all my family back. My sister and I were singing the Devine Mercy in song as she would always pray it. After we finished, her eys were half way open and they turned sparkling blue. It was a very soothing glow and the color was incredible. Mom passed away at 11:00am.

My sister and I drive back to our hometown, two hours away.  My dad was bed ridden, blind and hard of hearing. He was totally dependent for his care. When we arrived, my nephew was crying and told his mother " mom he could sense that grandma died, he has tears in his eyes. My sister told him and it took a while for him to comprehend.  The following day, we took him to the kitchen for breakfast. He sang a song to her in Spanish. He was not able to finish as he had tears in this eyes. He told us, " I will not be here very long" We knew this would happen. We were able to get Hospice, however he did not have any illness. We kept talking to him that we were going to be ok and he was going to see mom and all his family/siblings. We also sang the Devine Mercy to him. He said his good byes and told us, I bless all you.  Three weeks after mom passed away, my dad dies Jan 14, 2015. We buried them in the same grave site, together. Mom was 89 and dad was 90. They were married 59 years.

I feel lost right now. I feel like an orphan. I am single. I am the youngest of four. Today, I was driving to work this am and I started crying so much. I miss them.


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