I lost my Dad at the end of June of this year(2010) and have never recovered.  I feel so angry because he was supposed to come home the day he died...He went into the hospital with chest pains and sat in the emergency room for over an hour before he was admitted.  Finally, in the hospital, he had some work done and it was determined that he would need a triple bypass...mind you, my Dad never had a thing wrong in his whole life---no cancer, no diabetes, no nothing...only high blood pressure for which he took meds for. He went in and had his bypass.."piece of cake" the doctor told us..." Your dad will be healthier now than he has ever been".....yea right...The day that he was scheduled to come home, he was sweating non stop-his bed in the hospital was a mess.  Then, went into cardiac arrest.  It was determined that he had an aortic dissection-less than 1% of people get this, and went into surgery.  They fixed the dissection, but his kidneys didnt come back and passed away shortly thereafter.  I cannot tell you what a blow it was to the family....all of his stuff was still in his home office waiting for his return as we thought it was a run of the mill surgery.  As we went back to see his body, all I could think of was that my rock, my Buffalo Bills Buddy, my dad was dead.....Truly hard....Hardest thing I have ever done....But, we are making our way through grief and trying to hold on....He left a legacy through his kids that will endure...Now, we take care of Mom...married 47 years...not all good, but still married through thick and thin...truly heartbreaking. Thanksgiving was tough... but we drank alot f wine and it got us through...the hard part is dealing with xmas and findng a way through the mess....I talk to my Dad everyday...although he is nt with me in person, I know that he is with me in spirit and will guide me through the rest of my life....He was one of a kind....will truly miss the daily convos of talking about how bad the Bills stink and about my daily pressures of being a Mom and being in college again....His legacy in the Coast Guard, being the first male to graduate from college in his family, and being the best Dad one could have helps me through my days... Thank you for reading....

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I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dad.  I too just lost my dad November 6th.  He had been losing weight since June and i dont think the doctors really knew "y".  He went to the dr's the day before he passed away.  He had tests done and apparently had a mass but nothing was done about it.  The next morning at home i went in to talk to him and i had a bad feeling.  Im the only daughter out of 4 kids and when he went into cardiac arrest at home i wasnt there and when i got to hospital the dr said he didnt make it my heart broke into pieces and still is breaking.  Two weeks later was my birthday and was my first one with out my dad.  I miss him terribly everyday.  The hardest part will be for me when i get married August next year and my dad wont be there in person to walk me down the isle.  Hope you find comfort through this as i am trying to find it myself.


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