My mom passed away 2 weeks ago very unexpectdly she went in for gall bladder surgery then we found out she was full of cancer she died a week after the surgery she was on a breathing machine although I did get to tell her I loved her before she went into surgery it was so hard to believe after the funera its been so much harder than I imagined.  I miss her so she was only 59 I talked to her every day at least 3 or 4 times a day we lived in the same town and I saw her so much and my kids were so involved it still hurts so much I still can't understand I do know she is in a better place but that doesn't help!


Shelly Bates

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Hi-So sorry for your loss!-Shelly--- I lost my Mom about 3 and half weeks ago and I am still in a "Fog". It is a touch better now(That is what I try to tell myself) at least. I have been sleeping okay-- ( thank god the only relief I seem to get!)

I am hanging in there but --It still takes alot of time it seems to feel somewhat normal again. I have let my Mom go but I have this "Strange" feeling that she is away in a nursing home (She had been in one) or on "vacation". I have seen that is a common way to feel. So am am trying to get by day by day! The Holidays will be tough indeed.

Hope my words helped!!!!------Frank

I am so very sorry for your loss of your mother. I can understand what you are going through, as I lost my Dad suddenly August 23, 2010 suddenly and I still feel as if it isn't really real. He went into the hospital on Saturday with what seemed to be a mild case of pneumonia, and died very suddenly on Monday after just 3 days. I live in Illinois with my husband, grown children & grandkids, and my family is in Louisiana. What is so hard for me is that I don't want to be here in Illinois, I want to be in Louisiana with my Mom and the rest of my family. My husband isn't very supportive in understanding how lost I feel, he thinks I should be "over it" mostly by now. You will find this site is very supportive and everyone here understanding and caring. Please know that we all are going through what you are, and don't let anyone tell you there is a right or wrong way to grieve, especially after such a short time. Everyone grieves in their own way, just remember that. From what I am beginning to understand, since I am new here too, is that it is "ok" to feel lost, to cry, to just feel whatever you feel. I'm so glad you found this site...I was desperate for someone to "talk" when I found this. May God bless you and your family in your sorrow...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks everyone its nice to talk to people that have been through this, no one truly understands what your going through if they have never experienced it themselves. The hardest part is the days when something reminds you of them I still have to go to my dad's soon and go through her stuff which will be so hard but I have to be there for my Dad. Monica I can't imagine not being able to be w/ my family I'm so lucky to live so close to them cuz it is comforting to be around my Dad and siblings it really does help I pray for you and that your husband begins to understand it. God Bless


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