So, has anyone had any signs from the deceased loved one? I would really love to hear what your signs were, as I believe I have had a few of my own.

Sign 1: The day of the funeral (I believe thats when it was, could have been the day after, it was all a blur) I was driving to my mom's house and my fiance and I saw the most perfect rainbow right by my mothers house.

Sign 2: A few days after the first rainbow, me and my fiance were heading to my college for my class and we saw a double rainbow! I had never even seen that before. 

Sign 3: The day of my fathers funeral, my mother gave me a watch. It belonged to my grandfather (dads father) who passed when i was young. The watch was given to my father by his mother. When my father passed, my mother gave it to me. The batteries had been dead in it for a long time. The watch is really old, so it has the option to change the day of the week and the day (Mon 10) and you can put it in spanish too. When i got it, it was set to VIE 10(not sure on number). I never touched it. I went into the shower the other day, and when I came out and went to put the watch back on, it was set to SAT 21 ( sat was the day of the week he died, and the 21st was the day after the funeral). I thought, maybe it just changed on accident, so I decided to see if that  was a possibility. However, the only way to change the day is rotate left and the day of the week rotates right. It had to make a complete rotation and stop one day before the original setting to be set at SAT. So I feel that was a sign. Not to mention, since the watch is so old, its hard to change anything on it.

Please share with me your signs, or feelings on signs, or even your opinion of what i described above.

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I am sure that my son- my Mom's only grandson dees her from time to time...he is only 3 years old- so he is still void of what sin is...pure of heart as they would say...on several occasions he has made refferance to cleaning off a chair for her to sit and then as if he was looking at her said "there you go GrandMoo"..., trying on funny glasses in a mirrow and then saying " that's funny GrandMoo"...a few days after her passing we were walking to pay a bill and he points right in front of us -into the air and says s

"see that bird Mommy"..."where?" I say..."right there Mommy, right there" - again pointing right in front of us...he smiles and then I watch him , watch it with his eyes as it flys away...I never did see a bird and then sky was clear as can be...another time he picked up her cane which she always had to use and said "this is GrandMoo's" and I said "I know love"...He said "we need to give it to her"  and I reminded him that she is in Heaven and doesn't need it anymore..."oh' yea" he says and then starts to walk with it and hold out his hand (they would walk that way together, he always wanted to help her walk) ..."what are you doing Guy"..."I'm walking with GrandMoo"...

my dad and i planned a mothers day build a bear for my mother this year. we planned for me to surprise her at work on Friday. My dad passed on Thursday :(...i gave my mother the bear anyway. Everyday someone takes the bows off of the bear and moves them and my mother finds them and puts them back on the bear...then the bows are taken off and moved again... this has happened every day....
was thinking about my Mom and praying to God...I noticed that my phone lite up- and on the screen was my mom's quick contact- very other way to explain how that could have happened...I really miss her...

I too believe in signs for all phases of life. The week before my Dad passed (May7, 2011) I was privy to many signs close to my Dad's passing. At the time I didn't understand them but knew I was witnessing something special.

Pre-Sign/Sign: April 17, 2011, me, my hubby and youngest son went to see my parents. We did some work around the house that neither one had been able to do. As we left my Dad hugged me extra long. Like he didn't want to let go. This was very unnatural for him. He gave hugs but more like a 'have to' thing than compassionate (his family was pretty stoic during his childhood).


First sign was the large amount of fireflies in my back yard. Ususally I'll see one, maybe two. On May 3, 2011 I saw hundreds. It reminded me of when I was 4 or 5 years old and caught fireflies in a canning jar.


Second sign was May 4, 2011. I had stopped at a fast food place for lunch on the way to my parents' house. I was going over to help my Mom. I live 4 hours away. At the food place, I ordered a to-go order, got my order and left. As I was on they highway I noticed they had put a fried pie in my bag. The rest of my order was correct but I did not order the pie. My dad loves their pies.


Third sign: May 7, 2011, I was returning home from my stay with my parents. I was listening to a gospel station as my Dad loved listening to one at his house. Gospel is not my usual genre. I heard a song, "Blessings" by Laura Story. It was how we can sometimes get blessings through tears or pain or heartache. Good message overall. The big kicker for me was that Mrs. Story's husband had been diagnosed with brain cancer - this gave me chills. My dad had brain cancer. I got home at 4p that afternoon.


Fourth sign: May 7, 2011, I called my Mom at 7:30p. I was asking her about my Dad's "Silver Bullet" witnessing. I wanted the whole story for an idea I had brewing. As she finished telling me about it, she told me Dad had not woke up all day. I strongly advised her to call Hospice. She did. Dad's last breath was at 8:30p. I was in the middle of a conversation with my brother as to our new 'roles' in our family and he had asked why we had missed any signs of Dad's decline. He got a call while we were discussing these things and he answered. He came back on, said it was Mom and Dad had stopped breathing.


So - from just these examples I would be a fool to not believe in signs. But I have had all kinds of signs my whole life. Some of them held good messages, others were warnings. I do wholeheartedly and undeniably believe in signs. And I feel those of us that do believe and see our signs, fully understand the wonderment of the world in which we live.


Sorry for the rambling...

Big hugs to all,


Hi Jessica


Thats SO weird. My moms in her last 2 weeks and alot of people that have been there share their experiences with me. But one person said the same exact thing about seeing a rainbow one day, then a double on another day. So, I would DEFINATELY say that was a sign :)  Im happy for you. Im hoping to see, hear, find anyyyyyy type of sign from my Mom once she passes. It does happen. You should feel priviledged. Doesnt happen to everyone. Thats great!

The one concert that I went to with my dad was a Kansas concert. Friday morning before I went to work I was talking with someone about how it was starting to sink in that my dad was dead. I listen to pandora at work, the varry first song that played on pandora was Carry on my way ward son- by Kansas. This song was also played at my dads funneral.

My dad passed away on January 13, 2 1/2 months after his cancer diagnosis - and we had an Irish wake in his honor too - at our house in Tallahassee, FL. We have many native Southern friends and significant others who were quite taken aback by us dancing to old rock and doing shots on the day of his death. That was his wish...


Since then though, our large family has lost its balance without our icon - especially mom, of course. BUT, we all know in any situation exactly how Dad would respond. So we've begun the "What Would Bob Do" or "What Would Bob Say" when things get chaotic. That helps, of course - but its just NOT RIGHT. Why did Dad have to die at 71? Whenever I see a gentleman about Dad's age now, my heart jumps and then I get angry. Why is he gone and they are still here? The pain of his absence is so much greater than we could have imagined, its messed up. But even I yell, scream & cry at losing my father (usually when I'm driving, HA!) - I find comfort knowing what he would say. 


The four of us kids  pulled the first WWBS while planning his memorial service. My (Dutch) mom wanted a long, sentimental Hallmark quote for his program. NOT DAD. You'll probably recognize the quote we chose: "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand"



Katie Shay said:

Sign 1: My father passed away on December 8, 2010. We're a big Irsh family so the night he passed on we went to a local bar and had ourselves an Irish Wake. As we got out of the car to walk up to my house at 2 am we were greeted by a beautiful and sweet dog who appeared out of no where. He didn't have a collar and It was too cold to turn him away so we let him inside for the night... he cuddled with me all night. The next day I located the owners and made sure to thank them for the comfort their dog gave my family on the hardest night we have ever had. I truly believe that my father sent this sweet Irish setter (the same type of dog he had as a child) to let us know that everything is going to be ok and not to be sad.

Sign2: The next day at the funeral home we were once again greeted by another sign, a double rainbow in the sky!!


I've never been a person of faith but after this i am 100% sure that there is more after our earthly life ends. This helps me carry on each day without my dear father next to me

i have been seeing alot of rainbows lately, and come to think of it, they started when my relationship with my fiance started getting tough and bumpy. they all feel like my fathers way of saying "hi. just checking on u and sending my love baby girl". 

danielle garcia said:

Hi Jessica


Thats SO weird. My moms in her last 2 weeks and alot of people that have been there share their experiences with me. But one person said the same exact thing about seeing a rainbow one day, then a double on another day. So, I would DEFINATELY say that was a sign :)  Im happy for you. Im hoping to see, hear, find anyyyyyy type of sign from my Mom once she passes. It does happen. You should feel priviledged. Doesnt happen to everyone. Thats great!

My Mom passed away January 12th of this year and up until the first week of June I have had, what I call "visits from her". I don't really talk about it to people because they might think I've gone crazy, and I try to tell myself that maybe they have all been dreams, but deep down I truly believe they were visits from my mom. The first visit was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced and to even talk about it and try to put into words what happened doesn't do the experience any justice and it makes me sound koo-koo crazy so I just tell people that I dreamed that she whispered in my ear.. but infact it was soo much more than that. I had several other 'visits' after that and one last one just before we planted a lilac tree in her memory last month. Since than nothing and I'm sad and afraid she is really gone now..
Mellissa I too had a "dream"..I was looking at a photo of my mother and suddenly she came to life in the photo and began waving at me. I had previous signs from her prior to this so I thought she was waving hello, but since than I haven't felt her presence and have concluded that she was actually waving good-bye. She just passed this January and I can't imagine 15 years without her.  :(
My birthday was two weeks ago today.  My Mum passed on May 31, 2010.  The week before my birthday, I mentally sent out a prayer to ask her to give me a sign she was with me on my b'day.   Well, I was going away for an extended weekend, and all of a sudden, I heard church bells ringing.  I felt it was her.  A few days went by, and I had her cell phone with me as mine doesn't get the best reception.  From her cell to mine, I called mine.   The ringer I had set for her was church bells.   It was then I really was validated it was her and that she was with me.

I'm being really stubborn and not accepting them as signs, but rather as something that can be explained. My dad promised he'd send me a sign and I want a very obvious one.

But, after leaving the funeral home, we were going to my mom's friend. As soon as we hit the dirt road, and turned the corner, there was a beautiful doe standing there looking at us. My dad LOVED wildlife and when he was younger he was a avid hunter.

The day of his service, we woke up and his was blue sky and looked like it was going to be a hot one. Not a could in the sky. A few hours later, as I was doing the final details for the service, the wind kicked up and then out of no where came a lighting and thunder storm. My father LOVED those, and we'd watch many together. It lasted throughout his service and everyone was saying it was him.


Another morning, I was in a deep sleep. My son had recorded "See you on the other side" by Ozzy on his ipod. It was one of the songs we played at dad's service. My son went out and left his ipod on. I didn't hear anything, until I came out of my deep sleep and the Ozzy song was playing.

The last one (so far) was I was in the twilight between sleep and being awake and I heard his voice, as clear as day, talking about his "master plan". (a plan for my mom after his death), he then said something that didn't make sense, so I assumed I was dreaming......


People ask me what kind of sign I'm looking for, if I don't accept these as signs. I dunno....his ghost? A deer to knock on my door? (oh I had a dream that the deer was IN my house too) lol


Reading all of this, I can clearly see they're signs, I don't know why I won't accept them. I guess I'm just not ready to let go yet.


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