So, has anyone had any signs from the deceased loved one? I would really love to hear what your signs were, as I believe I have had a few of my own.

Sign 1: The day of the funeral (I believe thats when it was, could have been the day after, it was all a blur) I was driving to my mom's house and my fiance and I saw the most perfect rainbow right by my mothers house.

Sign 2: A few days after the first rainbow, me and my fiance were heading to my college for my class and we saw a double rainbow! I had never even seen that before. 

Sign 3: The day of my fathers funeral, my mother gave me a watch. It belonged to my grandfather (dads father) who passed when i was young. The watch was given to my father by his mother. When my father passed, my mother gave it to me. The batteries had been dead in it for a long time. The watch is really old, so it has the option to change the day of the week and the day (Mon 10) and you can put it in spanish too. When i got it, it was set to VIE 10(not sure on number). I never touched it. I went into the shower the other day, and when I came out and went to put the watch back on, it was set to SAT 21 ( sat was the day of the week he died, and the 21st was the day after the funeral). I thought, maybe it just changed on accident, so I decided to see if that  was a possibility. However, the only way to change the day is rotate left and the day of the week rotates right. It had to make a complete rotation and stop one day before the original setting to be set at SAT. So I feel that was a sign. Not to mention, since the watch is so old, its hard to change anything on it.

Please share with me your signs, or feelings on signs, or even your opinion of what i described above.

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I started getting signs from my dad after he passed away on a pretty regular basis.  My oldest daughter was grieving a lot too, and she witnessed some of the same was always a special moment for us.  I wrote them down as they happened,  I think there were over 50 times something came up that 1st year after he passed away that  very clearly meant he was near.  it has been almost 3 years since he left, and still 'hear ' from him -  one of the ongoing signs that has not let up are little motorhomes,  and el caminos.  Before he died,  he was had been looking to buy a small motorhome to replace his 33 footer-  at 81,  it was getting to be too much, but he was not going to give up his gypsy ways! I live 3000 miles away from my parents place, and started looking for a small motorhome for him to buy in our area-  we could not find ANY.  we looked for months to no avail.  I never even saw anyone driving a small one like he wanted,  so we kind of gave up.  Sinced he died,   I see them whenever I am thinking about him.  they pop up in really strange places,  but if my thoughts turn to him,  i can count on seeing one within minutes.     Same thing with El caminos-    he always loved them,  and I always thought they were hideous!  he had one for a few years, and I always teased him about how ugly they was kind of an ongoing thing  between us.   I virtually never would see them on the road though.   Same as the motorhomes,   if I am really missing him or thinking about him,   an el camino will usually show up sometime soon.  if i am conciously looking for them,    I won't see them.     I saw 2 on my birthday last year,  when we visited his hometown in rural kansas and I was really missing him.....

I get dimes from my mom I'll find them in strange places like the dishwasher or bathtub... when she was growing up money was always an issue so I think she gives them to me as a sign that things are good now.

Almost 40 years ago when I was 8 months pregnant for my first child, my cousin had a baby boy who died at birth.  There was just a memorial service at the cemetery.  It was a very cloudy day and raining.  They opened the little casket at the cemetery for the service.  When the service was over, the sun shined through the clouds as if they parted, and it shone directly on the baby.  I will never forget this.  I was in awe.

I am a believer of this and always have been. My aunt Chris (my fathers sister) died a year before I was born. She was killed in a car accident. I remember growing up when we would have our family get togethers we would almost always see a rainbow. We would also see them on "special days" (anniversaries, birthdays, etc) Grandma always told us that was Chris telling us she was okay up in heaven and that she was at peace.It comforted us all knowing Chris would send us a rainbow. I grew up watching how many in our family never got past her death especially my father. Growing up the only time I really saw my dad cry was when he would talk about the loss of his sister. He would tell us stories about her and we would smile.She sounded amazing, He would just cry and say "I miss my sis"                          My father died suddenly just over a month ago.....

Two days after his funeral my mom and my sister and I were driving home from a jewelry store(we got his wedding band made into necklaces for each one of his daughters)I was driving and all the sudden something told me to look up and when I looked up into the sky I saw a beautiful rainbow.(It didn't even rain this day) I just told my mom and sister LOOK!!!! We pulled over on the side of road and we all cried looking at the rainbow and talking about my dad. I just know that this was HIS way of telling us he is okay up in heaven and he is at peace, with his sister.

I had several signs from my mother, telling me what to do,  letting me know she was okay and looking out for me.

On the day of her funeral, my eye glasses broke and couldn't be fixed.  I was scheduled to speak at her service and had written down some things to say. Message from her; don't you dare read about me, speak from your heart. It turned out wonderfully as I talked about her journey, determination and love as a single parent


Check out my blog post here on legacy where I talk about what it was like in her final days.


Hi Jessica:

I do believe in signs and I also believe that most people receive signs if they really open their minds. The watch incident is hardly disputable. I think that is amazing. We are blessed when we receive signs and really see them.

I have lost both of my parents. I think of them everyday and miss them more than words can express. I have seen and heard countless signs and I always feel as if it is a blessing. One I will explain is shortly after my father had passed. My mother had passed a few years prior to his passing and I had a picture of my parents in a little frame sitting on my end table in the bedroom. It had been sitting there, untouched, since the passing of my father. One day I heard a wonderful song playing and I thought it was from one of my music boxes. I kept trying to find that same song and every music box I played wasn't it. I was going to give up when I heard my mom's voice say, "come on, don't give up so easily" and that is when I looked at their picture and picked it up. The back of it had a wind-up to play music and when I wound it up, there was the song I had heard. I didn't even know it played music. The song..."The Anniversary Song". I cried a few tears over that as I knew it was my mom and dad letting me know that they are together again.

my dad passed nov 3,2011. he had advanced prostate cancer that turned into flesh eating. my sister and my mother kept me away from him during this period and i got no info until halloween night when i got the wind knocked out of my sails. Halloween will never be the same.please continue reading as i will get to the signs. I got that awful phone call at 5:45pm that night. He had gone in by rescue at 10am that morning my sister is a very controlling person. It was my mother who said my dad was at the hospital and wasnt going to make it. Of course i have no idea why but had been at that hospital for 8 weeks due to my father in law who had esphogus cancer surgery and almost died on our anniversary he went in the end of august 2011 so the nurses knew me quite when i entered the floor the nurse who had taken care of my father in law was there she never worked nights and said hes not here and i said no its my father. she just happened to be the nurse for my father. they appoint a spokesperson and when that person doesnt like you there is no info. this nurse told me what was going on and where the flesh eating was located and he was down to bone. I dont think you want details. the next day we go to see my father they had him on 3 antibiotics but it couldnt be stopped. he was going for surgery agian and the same nurse was there. that night it was decided that they would let him go the same nurse there. the one person my so called sister could only say she waisted 18 months of her life and not to die on her birthday. everyone left to return the next morning. My nephew so called sister, my husband ,daughter and older son. my mother never went. still think some was she couldnt face it and they didnt have a great marriage. My father told my daughter that christ would keep him alive all day and he would pass in the morning. all the rest went home and my sister and nephew went in the waiting room to sleep as now we were on 17 hours and i still cant see how you can sleep. but here is where i think the signs plus others come in. I was the only one in the room and at 3:30am that morning i touched his shoulder told him i loved him and he stopped snoring and passed. the 2 people that wanted me away from him was the only one he died with and on her birthday. that was the end they cremated him and no veterans funeral like he should have and i got disowned the next day with nothing of my fathers but my tattoos now. The following day my father in law was put back at the same hospital and same room with same nurse. these are not cowincidences. Sense then a short time after he died and sorry so long i had a dream about him and he was at the house of my husbands cousins where i have never been as her husband did my tattoos sitting in a chair in the same suit thats on my tattoo with a black cat which he had. Sense then we have had butterflies land on my husband, and dragonflies follow my husband and son. On his birthday July 2nd there was the most beautiful double rainbow. havent seen one sense we lived here. and my in laws anniversary was last weekend and my sister in law showed up with the same exact cake i had for my dad. they didnt know. you need to be open to these signs and ask for them. when i am having a hard time i usually say i dont know how much more i can take and i usually get a sign. Red cardinals are a big sign especially if there is one. I also have a medium on line who connected with my dad and some people dont believe but i gave her nothing and she knew i wasnt with him and he told her he was glad i wasnt around to see him in pain. she never knew that. and he gave me a sunflower which i hate and couldnt figure out till i talked to my daughter i forgot he always kept sunflower seeds in the middle console in his car.and also told her i have it so hard she had no idea about the situation within the family. agian sorry so long but there is signs just be open to them.

I have waited, searched and prayed for signs but none like you all are sharing.  Any sign would be so comforting to my mother and me (sometimes I wonder who misses my Dad more).  Any advice you can give on a way to be open to the signs would be so welcome.


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