Hello ive never done this type of thing, Im 23 and just over 5 yrs ago my brother Sean was murdered.....he was shot to death by police in the backyard of our house, my mother overheard and witnessed the enitre event. My brother was no Angel by ne means....but he wasnt suicidal. The police said Sean climbed outta a window in the back of the house, they said he pulled a gun on them and they shot at him 56 times......hitting him only 6 times grazed with a 7th. It turns out that the gun was a BB gun. Sean made some bad choices in life but DIDNt deserve his fate. Turns out that there were 5 other witnesses....they saw Sean climb out of the window and get stuck while 2 officers waited with their guns pointed at him....they were less then 40 ft away. They said Sean came out then window and he started to run torward the back of the yard, which is where Sean and I use to hang out all the time, there was an ally way back there that we used to cut through, they said Sean was waving his hands above his head like he was swatting Bee's, their were only 2 eye witnesses but 4 other ppl over heard the event, from their house. All the witnesses say Sean was unarmed and running away, the Cops were shooting at one another....they were set up acrossed from one another so once one shot they all unloaded. The Gun the police say Sean pulled on them....doesnt have ne prints on it or blood or dirt, considering he fell at some point via witnesses and police statements. Also the evidence of the autopsy also proves another inconsicence in their story, Sean was shot twice in his back, twice in the legs and twice in the right arm. Police say Sean pulled the gun with his right hand...turns out Seans left handed......and considering the serverity of the wounds to his right arm, it would have been close to impossible to hold nething with that arm. On top of no prints, 5 witnesses, no blood or dirt on the gun, the wounds on Seans body not lining up with the cops statements, 4 days after the shooting police were cleared and they ruled the shooting justified, they hired a "outside investigator" to come help the DA rule on the shooting and help give the Police a "Clean Bill of Health" turns out that that same investigator who remained UNKNOWN, turns out he was the cops Laywer........directly after the shooting every cop who had saw what had happened in the backyard were all put in a room together and all gave statements TOGETHER. All their statements were exactly the same. word for word. So my family filed a civil suit so that more eyes were on this story, in hopes of getting criminal charges outta this. We went all the way to Federal Court, it took 5 yrs for our Attorneys to find the evidence and to let other ppl besides police officers hear Seans story.....all the defence did was attack Sean and dehumanize him and attack our family, they attacked the creditablity of the witnesses (like they had a dog in the race or something)?? in the end the Jury ruled that the Police did not use excessive force and that the shooting was Ok'ed. It took me a long time after losing Sean to cope with life and move on, Sean was my best friend and my brother, I know in my heart that Sean didnt do what the cops said he did, he just wasnt that kinda person, a petty theif maybe but not stupid or dumb or someone who would grab a fake bb gun and run out pointin at polcie?? on top of all of this my Mother has been a wreak, she has allowed the enitre event to consume her life and every waking moment, I see her and I see soo much pain and grief, she hasnt worked since 2006 when it happened, so shes on government assistants which is not her, she worked our whole lives and I just feel like I failed her as a son, I feel like I should be able to protect her and feed her and comfort her, but I cant.......it took so long to cope with the death of Sean and now this past march when the trial happened it felt like we got in a time machine and went back to 2006.....Its so hard to deal with life right now, It was unbearable to loss Sean in the first place, but to have his case....where we felt like we'd get some justification and some closure....to hear a jury of random ppl just say No they didnt use excessive force....was mind blowing.....So I cant get back to my normal self again.....I havent worked out in forever I havent wanted 2 watch TV or read or play games NOTHING.....the only thing I think about is Killing the men who shot my brother to death, I starred into all of their eyes and burned holes into ther skulls with my stare..........I just need help I dont know what to do........it hurts and I cry as I type this......i feel like.....lost.......I just dont see what the jury saw....its like they just believed the cops like everyone else......and now the have him on the front pages again in out newspaper......you can google everything In said.........type in "Sullivan & Warminster" im sure you'll find everything. So neone with advice feel free to write back.......You'll see Seans mug shot....I posted the one they use so u can see urself. I miss him horribly.......help me

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Cory, I don't know if you stii come to the site but I want to express my sadness for all that you and your family have had to endure. Sometimes, life seems so cruel and then because of bad circumstances or bad choices made by others, i.e. The police officers in your case. remember that God's justice will be perfect. Many people think they get away with things because courts rule in their favor but God knows all things completely. The time will come that if there was wrong doing or a cover up, those involved will be very, very sorry. Their he'll and torment will be far worse than anything we suffer in this world.
I felt so bad when I saw your last word to be "help me", I have no doubt you have suffered greatly over the loss of Sean.

I want to encourage you to turn to God and Jesus Christ to find comfort, peace and understanding.
I hope you are well and taking care of yourself and helping your family through this difficult trial you have been called to bear. I would like to admonish you to kneel down and pray when you feel you can't go on.
if you've ever read"footprints in the sand", you know that when we can't go on, it is then that the Lord will Carry us and help us endure our trials.

I wish you well, you seem like you were a beloved brother to Sean, remember also, life will be eternal, some day you will be reunited with Sean never to be apart again?

God Blessz You, I sincerely mean it!!!



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