I am in need of some advice.  It has been 5 years last Sunday since my Uncle was murdered.  While the police ruled it a suicide based on his girlfriend's testimony, we know that is not true.  To many things do not add up.

  • He told my little brother that he was going to be at the hospital when he woke up from having his brain surgery.  He never would have told him this if he was planning to take his own life.
  • The day of the supposed suicide he talked to my mother and dad about Nascar and how he was not going for Dale Jr. that year, but waiting until the next year to go for him.
  • He just had his teeth fixed and was very proud of them and he had lost some weight.  He was really changing his life around for the better.
  • Apparently the night he supposedly took his own life he and his girlfriend had been at a bar.  She said he got mad because she wouldn't buy another pitcher of beer and left walking.  She then said she picked him up and they went home where she went to bed and he went into the garage.  The next thing she knew she heard someone screaming to call 911.  She went to get the phone and the cords were gone and the garage motor had been unplugged.
  • Which first off, when my uncle drank he didn't care who he woke up, so we know she lied about the garage motor being unplugged by him.  He did good to use the phone, so we know again she lied about him taking the phone cords.
  • The day we put him in the ground she called my grandfather and told him that my family needed to come get his truck that she had all of his things inside ready to go.  THIS WAS THE SAME DAY WE BURIED HIM!!
  • We started going through his things and a lot of his stuff was missing, including pictures from his wallet of my brothers and I, along with pictures of his wife that had passed away in 2000.
  • She had repainted the garage and her daughter's boyfriend was there (my uncle did not allow this boy to come to the house).
  • I found out later that she beat him with a beer bottle a few days before that.
  • I also talked to his co-worker's and they had informed me that he was going to leave her, that he had been looking for an apartment, and that none of them cared for her because of the way she treated him.
  • He had also just went back home the day he was murdered.

We know my uncle and if he were going to take his life it would had been either after my grandmother passed away in 1999 or when his wife (high school sweetheart) was killed in a car wreck not even a year after my grandmother passed away.

When we had to identify the body and even at the funeral, you could see bruises on the back of his hands, there were a few marks on his neck from the rope, and a few other bruises.  I just know that someone held him down, while someone strangled him to death, and then they covered it up to look like a suicide.  The police didn't even talk to us about him, they took the girlfriend's word, and closed the case.  It has been five years and everyday I try to figure out a way to get someone to listen to us.  I can't just let this go when to many of the things above don't add up. 

There is just this heavy weight on my chest that I need to find out the truth.  But how do I get the police to listen?

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Why don't you try to get somebody from the media to investigate the crime. See if there is a crime reporter in your area or contact the national media. Once the media starts poking their heads into the situation the police don't want to be embarrassed, they may change their minds. Were there pictures taken at the scene of your uncles death? I would think the police have some photos since they often approach these things initially as a possible homicide. See if you can get a court order to release reports, photos, 911 call etc. If you don't have money, see if volunteer legal services can help you. Some attorneys offer pro Bono work. See if you can find one who works with criminal cases.

Good luck to you, I can only imagine the sense of betrayal you must feel. Just remember, God knows everything!!!! pray to have Him expose this situation and to lead you to the right people and sources. The Lord loves truth and justice! If nothing else, take heart that in the end, the girlfriend will pay the ultimate price for her crime! Good luck seeking justice! Blessings! Margo

I am asking to speak to the DA


I am not sure about open records laws in Tennessee, but in many states once an investigation is closed the police reports become a public record.  You can ask the police department for copies of all of the reports.  If Tennessee is an open records state, they are required to provide them for you even though you will have to pay a reasonable amount per page.  $.25 per page is pretty standard, but not a mandate.  

Reviewing the reports would give you the opportunity to see everything that the police took into consideration when making their decision.  Once you have both sides of the story you would likely be in a better position to ask the police department to take another look.  If they refuse and you are still convinced that they should, asking the State police to review the case is oftentimes effective. 

I am sorry for your loss.  I hope you find peace in your lifetime.

Mobile, Alabama

They did not give me a full report.

One page and closed the case due to detectives that did not do their jobs. They did not take an interest in the case.

Poor Country Boy with no Money

CSI/TV Shows are just that. This is REALITY


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