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Loss of my #1 soul mate pet MACI

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Comment by Gregory on February 26, 2011 at 5:57pm
In all honesty, I am personally able to handle and come to terms with the passing of family members and close friends. BUT, when it comes to the loss of my pet (dogs), I become inconsolable, with a sadness and grief that run incredibky deep. I should add that, after a long, long time of going undiagnosed, I now am treated for a clinical depression, a fact that the depression periodically is so severe that I am now disabled.  I have been taught that an acute event in one's life, can trigger a depressive episode, something that had occurred a number of times in my life. I am, once again, a dog owner, with a wonderful Bullmastiff "Boozer" as my closest pal. Boozer is four and one half years old and the lifespan of this breed is approxiamtely ten years. I stumbled upon this group by chance, and see it as a resource that I might need, when Boozer's time here on earth, comes up. I hope to make the acquaintance of a friend and ally in the near future to share our experiences. Feel free to call upon me, if anyone who reads this, is in need of a friend and their own ally in their tough times. Thanks.
Comment by Stephanie Bruna on April 25, 2010 at 2:16am
As I type this, I am dealing with the fresh loss of my mother-in-law's dog, Harry. Harry moved out to the farm in 1996, which was the year I met my husband. Harry grew up to be a 60# ball of fur that thought he was a lap dog. His thick coat hid the fact that he had been losing weight all winter and was in a considerable amount of pain. The final straw came last night when my hubby and bro-in-law found him lying on the ground by the machine shed chewing on barbed wire. He snapped at the boys when they tried to take it away from him...Harry never snapped at anything or anybody in his life! As my hubby petted him to try to calm him he felt Harry's body spasming from pain...I am a registered nurse and believe he had a large tumor somewhere. I hate to think of going out to the farm without Harry sitting on the step to greet me as I went inside, but know that he is happily running through the fields of doggie heaven.
I am going to quit typing for now because I am at work and hate for anyone to see my tears. A lot of them don't have as close of bonds to their pets as I do and won't understand. Any advice?
Comment by Jan on April 4, 2010 at 6:32am
I just lost my #1 soul mate pet this past Monday (March 29 2010), she was a 5 1/2yr. old Yorki-Poo, all black.
She was my moms dog, I took in when we had to put mom in assistant living 3yrs. ago. Her name is Maci, I have 2 other dogs and a cat, but Maci became my heart of gold. The past 3yrs. have been the best years I have had since my children were born 33yrs. ago.
She got sick last Thursday night, actually this was my sons 29th birthday. She started throwing up and not eating her food. Friday night she was still sick, I work night, so when I got home from work Sat. am, Maci was getting worse, I called the vet, they said to give her a Pepcid Ac, to settle her stomach, and be sure she drinks water, then I could give her chicken & rice on Sunday, and if she was not all better, bring her to the vet office Monday am.
I followed this advice, she did stop throwing up after I gave her the Pepcid AC, she would not even look at or eat her chicken & rice, so I held her all weekend, she drank her water and slept alot on my lap and in my arms, Then late Sunday night, she took for the worse, she started jerking and her eyes looked so glassy and the whites were red, when I rubbed her belly, it was yellow in color, which was the same color she was throwing up the night before. I called the emergency hosp. and they had me put corn syrup on her gums, to treat low blood sugar, since she had not ate food in almost 4 days. It did seem to stop the jerking moves. I had 4hrs. to the vet office opened Monday am. I was going to be in the lot with Maci when they came in. Then she started convulsing, I called the emergency hosp. back, and took her in, I prayed and cried the whole 5 miles to the hospital, it was raining heavy and so foggy I could barely see to drive, I made it there in about 20 minutes, I had Maci wrapped up in my bath robe and I had my pajamas on and when I got to the front desk, her little red tongue was hanging out, and I could not see her breathing, she was so limp in my arms when I carried her in, I believe she died in my arms on the way to the pet emergency hospital, but the vet said she was alive when I got there, I was so hysterical, I could not even talk, they had to call my brother to come and sign papers and drive me home.
I thought Maci was on IV's and be in the hospital a few days, when my brother told me, we lost her, I lost it, the vet told him, she was in cardiac arrest and it was best to put her down, here she died of liver and heart failure, and her liver shut down, that is what caused her throw up yellow and why her stomach was yellow.
I have been in so much pain over the loss of Maci, she was my heart, she was so active and healthy and the illness came so sudden and took her away.
My mom is 82yr old in a home and this has been so hard on her also, I have never been thru losing a pet, and the pain is beyond words, When I walked out of the pet hospital without her and my brother by my side, I looked up in the sky and I asked God, Why? I even thought had thoughts, it would of been best if we would of been in a wreck that foggy rainy dark morning, and went together, then I would not be here without my Maci, living this pain without her. Now I have to watch my other 2 little dogs and cat continue to go around looking for Maci, and they are all so sad too, I tried to tell them Maci is in Rainbow Heaven,
I hope someone can help ease my pain of this devastating loss and help my grieving and sorrow.
I did send the Hbg. humane Society a check, in memory of my Maci, and I plan to start a fund drive for the humane society In Memory of Maci, after I can make it thru a day without crying.
I am glad I work nights, so I can sleep in the day, and I can grieve at work without others around me. I missed work Monday the day she passed, I did find the other 4 nights helped, I stay very busy and active on my job, and work long hrs. This is the 1st day off I have had, and once again, I find myself crying and so depressed. Today is Easter, I wil sleep all day, I told my family, I will visit them tonight when I get up, but I will not go for Easter dinner, I have not had much sleep the past week, and working the long hrs. I do, I need my rest, more.
I am sorry I wrote so much, but I just needed someone to get it out too.
Thanks for listening, and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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