Hi, I'm desperately looking for someone to talk to. My son Bobby commited suicide on Oct. 5, 2010. He did not leave a note or anything. He had called his friends mom 3 times and she never called the police and by then it was too late. I live a good distance away and had not talked to him at all that day. We had talked everyday up until the day of. I tried to call, but I assumed he was working because he had been working alot of overtime and on second shift. I had no idea what was on his mind. But I keep blaming her because she knew what he was trying to do and did nothing to try and stop him. This has to be normal. I find myself lost and confused alot of the time and it is hard to keep my job, I dont know if I am losing my mind or what. Someone please tell me this is normal.


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Hi Sharon, just found your letter. Today is March 20 2011. My wonderful son CHuck committed suicide on Dec. 22 2010. His girlfriend of 14 yr., mother of his 3 children was there and  I am pretty sure she edged him on. SHe had been cheating on him and  last yr. she had a miscariage and  he had a nervous breakdown  because of  it. Then he found out she was cheating and things just got worse and then it happened. I talked to him that morn. and told him I loved him and he told me he loved me. I never thought things were that bad. I miss him terribly. I am thankful for this site. Blessings Jackie Rowles
Im very sorry Sharon. I just wrote a lengthy reply to another  here so I will keep this short. Please look at my post about surviving. Truth is you are losing it, we all lose it. We dont have the power to save someone from themselves. Please keep reading posts from others here and keep talking. It helps


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