I have not spoke to anyone in any detail about my story! other than a few councelors over the 8 yrs since I lost my daughter to a Murder. I have struggled with my own loss and don't wish that on know one,that I would like to speak of today. Chelsea would of been 21, this yr wow time flies.I thought I would say how very grateful I am to Jennifer Vota, my soul mate in so many ways. Jennifer is the mother of a daughter who commited sucide.Courtney 14, died on Jan 10 2006, she also would of been 21this year. Happy birth day girls! Courtney, hung her self six weeks after Chells death She killed her self in the closet at her father's house. I met Jennifer through church prior to our daughter's death but only in passing.Our daughter's were only distant friends they briefly met during youth group prior to chelly going to W.S. This woman was a rock when my daughter was killed she reached out to me at church and we became item. She flew out to W.S. with me a couple a weeks after Chelsea's death. When I thought it could get no worse Jennifer gets notified about Courtney Killing her self, my god what could  be worse.The back story of these two girls is they both loved everything outdoors  both exceled in seperate sports.Chelly loved horse back riding and was at the top of her age group while she was living here in Cali.Courtney, very  good Soccer player, she two played at the top of her age group. Jen and me attended both funerals neither of us  recovered and did not expect two. Then as the trial of the killler! of my daughter was going on in W.S. GUILTY LIFE NO PAROLE, Jennifer was with me the hole time, there is no doubt with out her The potential for me putting some real hurt on my x and her mother was very real. Then a year or so later Jennifers older brother Jimmy commited suicide  shot gun to the head. I am amazed I got this much out. Then in 2009' Jennifer was ready to move to laughland Nev. And I got scared and stayed here well she died in Nevada  with in a year,she died in her sleep 42yrs old. 

p.s.  thanks again Jennifer love you and miss u much.


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I am so sorry for your losses.  You have endured so much.  I think you will find great support, comfort and understanding here from all of us who have lost our children.  I lost my son, Garrett, age 21, on March 3, 2013.  Peace be with you.



I am so very sorry for all of your losses. You have really been through a lot. This site is a great place for comfort and support and just a great place to vent your feelings to people who can understand what you are feeling and have been (to some degree) where you are now. Keep popping in. I lost my brother to suicide February 5, 2013.




I'm so sorry for your losses too; they are deep, agonizing hurts.  This is a great place to share, to let it all out without fear of judgment.   It is  a great place to be understood and accepted.  I lost my oldest son, who had just turned 16, last December 6th.  He got sucked into a custody battle involving his younger half brother and decided to take matters into his own hands so his little brother could come back home again.  We just "celebrated" what should have been Bryan's 17th birthday Friday.  Remarkably, I'm at peace today.  I still ache, but I am going to be ok.  His little brother is  doing ok, and we are marching along one step at a time too.  God bless you and your journey.  



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