I lost my husband 2 yrs ago to a heroin overdose, I still think about him every second of every day. I still talk to him as if he were sitting right here beside me. i became a childless widow at the age of 25. We had just had our 7th wedding anniversary a month prior to his passing.I was with him since i was 15 yrs old...life has a funny way of making you stronger thru pain. there is no doubt in my mind its true but geez, how strong do i have to be? when my husband passed away, everything was a blur, but i will always remember the morning i woke up after he had passed. i guess in a way i was hoping it was all a bad dream and that in the morning i would wake up with him next to me...well the next day when i woke up i opened my eyes and heard everyone whispering in the next room. It dawned on me that it was all true and the first thing i did that morning was sob uncontrollably. I remember that "feeling" the emptiness and pain ripping thru my chest. if i stop to think about it too much, i can still feel it today.There is always that one precise moment you remember when someone passes away, that was mine with my husband. what was yours?

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Sorry that you lost your husband. Death is such a big part of life but it tears it apart when it happens to you. I lost mine guy 8 years ago, our children are now10 and 9. I was numb for the longest and in such a dark place. I was grieving for myself as well as our 2 kids. I screamed when I got the call. I also waited for him to come home. Thinking he would call or something. It saddens me that he did not get to know his kids. It hurts more that they did not get to know him. I hope you have found some comforting support system to help you. I did not get help in the beginning and have regret how much time I wasted.

It is all very surreal is it not?  I lost my husband last Oct and I try to be strong for our two girls and am learning that I need to be strong for my self too.  I had been with him for 17years and he passed at the young age of 34.  I still cannot believe it at times, its like everything before that day was just a dream.  I miss him so much and it so hard trying to rebuild your life from everything you thought you knew.  Starting completely over as a single widowed mother is not anything I would want someone to have to endure.  I try to tell myself things happen for a reason and I remember a conversation he and I once had with him telling me that if anything were to ever happen to either one of us he would want it to be him that went first because I was so much stronger than him and that he could not stand living without me but he made me promise if anything ever happened to him that I was to continue to live life and be happy and to most of all fall in love again.  I can't even think about being with anybody else.  He was my everything.  But now almost ten months later here I am still trying to live as he wished and putting all of my love and strength into our two girls so they can have the life we always wanted for them.  He will always be in our hearts and I wait for the day that I will be with him again.  I am sorry for anyone who has had to experience this pain and if you ever need to talk or vent I am willing to listen and offer any kind of advice or comfort I can Good Luck to all of you and just always remember the good times you shared and know that it is ok to breakdown from time to time, Wishing you all the best!

Oh Cynthia.. I feel your story so very much. It is such a lonely place being a young widow. There are older women that try and connect but it just isn't the same..and even the loss from a drug overdose isn't the same as other forms of death. I feel your pain. I am 26. My beautiful hubby and I had been married for 6 years and at the age or 25, I lost my husband to a heroin overdose. We had a 3 week old baby. Do you just feel crazy at times from everything??


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